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Tribute to Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser, one of my graphic design heroes has passed away at 91.

His iconic “I ❤︎ NY” logo was designed in 1976 in the back of a taxi and was drawn with red crayon on scrap paper. While the original drawing is part of MOMA museum, the logo was used since 1977 to promote tourism in New York.

Coronavirus creativity – Part 4

Director Erwin van den IJssel and The Panics film company created and produced this great animated titles for the Playground festival in the Netherlands.

Campus Univers Cascades, a french school that specializes in training stunt workers for film and television combined together dozens of stuntmen and stuntwomen to show off their best work for a video that is seamlessly edited as one single fight scene, that went already viral during the quarantine time.

OK Go, the band with the most creative and awesome videos, just released this great new song. Visit their site to read the story behind it.

Coronavirus creativity – Part 3

This is “Postcards from a pandemic“: Illustrators around the world, from Brooklyn to Guangzhou, share scenes from their eerily empty cities for the New Yorker.

New York City by Jorge Colombo
Bologna by Bianca Bagnarelli
Berlin by Christoph Niemann
Brooklyn by Adrian Tomine
Paris by Vincent Mahé
Guangzhou by Jun Cen
Seoul by Jisu Choi
London by Bill Brag
Madrid by Ana Galvañ
Belgrade by Jasu Hu
Seoul by Mikyung Lee
Tel Aviv by Rutu Modan

New app to cut & paste your surroundings directly into Photoshop

To all graphic designers: Remember when you had to take a photo of an object, import into Photoshop, make a clipping path around it and finally place it in its final position?

Paris-based designer and artist Cyril Diagne recently launched the prototype for an amazing new image editing program where you can directly cut and paste your surroundings into Photoshop. The way it works is, when you take a photograph with AR Cut & Paste, the software finds the objects and automatically removes their backgrounds.

It is not final product yet, but apparently you can download it from GitHub.

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