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Mosaic floor in Brooklyn

This beautiful retro mosaic was recently installed in the entryway of a Brooklyn home. The Brownstone Project is committed to reviving the art of mosaics and offers custom entryway mosaic design and installation services, working with newly emerging craftsmen. I am imagining a beautiful “Athens” mosaic in the entryway of our home!


Astronaut Light

I found two Astronaut Lights last night. I just love them both!

First one is from ModCloth but unfortunately not available at the moment. The second one is a USB Astronaut Light which attaches on your laptop or any other socket. Available here.

Buttercream Succulents

These are actually cakes decorated with buttercream. Leslie Vigil decided to merge her love of flowers, succulents and cacti with baking and this is the result.


My best planners for 2019

Perfect planner 2019

I love beautiful stationery and I thought it may be worth writing a post about my research for the perfect planner for 2019.

You see, I am old-school when it comes to stationery and I still use an analog planner for my everyday planning of my endless lists. For years, I used Filofax personal organizers, where I wrote my to-do lists and when I carried out my tasks, I took a certain pleasure in crossing them off with a black marker. In the end of each year I just discarded my old and used planner to replace it with a new one.


That is until I stumbled upon the concept of bullet journals and at the same time I discovered South Korean stationery! The whole idea was that the information entered in the planners could be organized better, while it could also look much better. As a result I could keep these beautiful planners as keepsakes. Of course, bullet journals were maybe too much for me, but I liked the idea of trying to make my planners more presentable and not a bunch of crossed-out lists.

Bullet journal examples

Examples of bullet journals

Examples of bullet journals


A South Korean stationery online shop


How it all started

My research started in a South Korean stationery shop called Fallindesign. They have hundreds of beautiful journals, diaries and planners, with monthly, weekly or daily schedulers, either dated or undated. They come with cute stickers for grownups, which you can use to label each task accordingly. The only downside is that, they are not cheap and delivery takes a long time from S. Korea.

planner 2019

planners 2019

Stickers for planners

cute stickers

cute stickers

Go with the Flow

I was specifically looking for a well-designed weekly planner, but with extra space for notes. Another great product (in the South Korean style) that met my specifications is the Flow diary 2019. Great design, beautiful illustrations and hand-lettering, together with special stickers. But unfortunately it doesn’t have enough space for my lists.

Flow diary 2019

Flow diary inside


Flow diary week spread

More minimal maybe

After I selected a few items as a short list, I decided to look for planners with a more minimal design. I ended up with two very similar items.

One is the LEUCHTTURM1917 weekly planner and notebook, that features great colour choices for the cover and has a week shown on one page with an extra ruled notebook page on the other.

LEUCHTTURM1917 weekly planner

LEUCHTTURM1917 weekly planner

The other very similar planner is the Moleskine 12 Months Planner Weekly Notebook. It is conveniently formatted to show the week’s appointments on the left and a ruled page for notes on the right, but was soon rejected as a little boring.

Moleskine weekly planner 2019

The best choice for me

In the end, I found my “perfect” planner amongst the choices of the excellent Busy B online shop. The Perfect Planner Diary 2019 shows one week to a spread, with space for notes, and is also a great size, not too big and not too small. It has great design and paper quality with many-many extra little details (four pockets, tear-out reminder lists, great-looking stickers and a removable notepad). Τhe good price and the very fast delivery are extra bonuses.

Perfect Planner Diary 2019  Perfect Planner Diary week spread Perfect Planner Diary stickers

Glorious chickens in a photography book

I was never a chicken fan, but I am impressed by these photo portraits from the book by Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini. The photo book project called “CHICken” was funded on Kickstarter.

As the creators say” The chickens in this book are the protagonists and are photographed as Top models because they had natural born talent.”


One minute art history

The history of art in an experimental short film that lasts for less than one minute. Filmmaker and art teacher Cao Shu, renders a variety of art styles like: ancient Egyptian, Chinese ink paintings, ancient Greek to more modern style like Van Gogh, Picasso  and Modigliani, creating an amazing animation.

(Thanks Zoe!)

Dubai skyscrapers

Amazing photograph of skyscrapers peeking through the clouds over Dubai. Shot by Carsten Witte.



Spike Jonze ad for Apple

The brand new Spike Jonze ad for Apple, starring dancer/singer FKA Twigs, promoting its HomePod music system.

The Falcon Heavy launch rocks

I just watched the successful launch of Elon Musk’s “Falcon Heavy”, the world’s most powerful rocket! I cannot describe the feeling, it is amazing, must watch! (the actual final countdown starts at 21:27 in the video)

Then fun part is that the rocket is carrying a red Tesla car with a mannequin on the driver’s seat, while the car’s radio is playing David Bowie’s song “Space Oddity” over and over again! So cool. The rocket will send the car into an elliptical orbit away from Earth and around the sun that will eventually lead to Mars’ orbit.

The chances for a successful launch were 50%-50%, but almost everything went well. Especially the sight of the two side boosters setting down simultaneously 8 minutes after launch, on two landing pads at Cape Canaveral, was impressive.





Social Decay

I love this project called Social Decay by Romanian digital artist Andrei Lacatusu. Lacatusu imagines what it would look like if big social media companies had real, but decaying, storefronts in a post-social media world ! The attention in the detail is really impressive.


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