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Appropriate key tags

Together with million other people, we are currently staying home. These key tags by Various Key Tags are very timely. Not sure if we will need them for the time being, but I love the idea.


Flowers strolling

I saw some flowers walking by today… 😆😆

Excellent motion graphics by Universal Everything.


Astronaut Light

I found two Astronaut Lights last night. I just love them both!

First one is from ModCloth but unfortunately not available at the moment. The second one is a USB Astronaut Light which attaches on your laptop or any other socket. Available here.

Tokyo Gifathon

This is Tokyo Gifathon. In April James Curran spent a month in Tokyo where he animated a new GIF every day for 30 days inspired by something that happened during his stay.

In fact he has also created a LA Gifathon and a NΥC Gifathon.

Four-letter puzzles with beautiful typography

I love both the product and the packaging for these fun puzzles.

“Created and designed by Brooklyn design duo Charles&Thorn, each Four-Letter Puzzle features one word, broken into four individual gold-foiled stamped letter puzzles. Once complete, you’ll spell out a favorite four-letter word — YEAH, CRAP, LOVE, and FUCK are all up for grabs.” 

Maybe not for kids though, 😜.








How to overcome smartphone addiction

Vienna-based designer Klemens Schillinger has created a set of “substitute phones” for smartphone-addicts. Instead of a touchscreen, there is only a series of stone beads to use for swiping and scrolling.

The School of Life created Phone Detox, a palm-sized book filled with insights, ideas and meditations about the complex relationship we have with our phones.



Baby fashion photography

This face! Shot for Martha Stewart Kids 2004 by Italian photographer Tosca Radigonda.


“This is a Generic Millennial Ad” from Dissolve

This is a genius ad for Dissolve – a stock footage and photography agency, created by And/Or. It is called “This is a Generic Millennial Ad” and it basically consists of a series of classic cliches about the Millennial generation. Hilarious!


Perfectly matching knitwear

Joseph Ford is a Brighton-based photographer. He created these hilarious camouflage portraits of people wearing knitwear that blend in with their background. The amazing matching knitwear are actually hand-knitted by Nina Dodd.

Keep fighting the good fight

I love this. It is one of the posters from DDB New York’s campaign for ADC’s Annual Awards “Call for Entries” from 2011. The tagline says: “Keep fighting the good fight”. I think all designers can relate to that!


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