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A house designed for cats and booklovers

A lovely house in Brooklyn, designed by BFDO architects, for two booklovers with two lucky cats. The large main bookcase has enough space on the top for the cats to walk around and also trap doors that allow the cats to access the floor above.




Creative architectural photography

Valencia, Spain

Copenhagen, Denmark


Valencia, Spain

Munich, Germany

Valencia, Spain

Riccione, Italy

Valencia-based couple Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda, created a collection of playful photos interacting with the local architecture.



Symmetrical photographs of buildings for Geometry Club

Dave Mullen is the creator of the Geometry Club, an Instagram project with an entire feed of images with the same composition and subject matter. Mullen first launched the project just for himself taking his own photos of symmetrical, triangular compositions, but soon he exhausted his collection and decided making it a collaborative project. So, he put together a website, drew up some guidelines to ensure consistency (see the GIF above) and invited others to submit their own symmetrical images. He is now working with a developer to create a free app, that will help people take perfectly aligned pictures.


The kitchen of a Paris apartment

Living room, open kitchen of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, separated by glass

Open kitchen of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, separated by glass

Open kitchen of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, separated by glass

Open kitchen of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, separated by glass

Living room of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, Black walls

Bedroom of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, wallpaper

A very sophisticated apartment in Paris! Love the idea of the beautiful ‘open’ kitchen separated by glass from the rest of the living room. The family wanted an ‘open kitchen’, but in France  it wasn’t common to have kitchens opening into the living room. They came up with the idea of a glass wall as a solution, so that they still have a little separation from the food preparation and  the noise of the kids, in case one of them wanted some quiet time.



The transformation of a cargo van into a mobile studio

Zach-Both The-Vanual converted-van

Zach Both The Vanual converted van

Zach Both The Vanual converted van

Zach Both The Vanual converted van

Zach Both The Vanual converted van

I love how this filmmaker has creatively transformed an old van into a mobile studio. After deciding to embark on a creative “road show” around the U.S.,  Zach Both bought a van, and started to renovate the interior, taking influences from contemporary architecture. With no prior experience in carpentry, he managed to complete the work by himself and also decided to record everything down. The result was The Vanual, a website where he shares the entire process of converting a van into a camper and living a mobile lifestyle.


The reopening of the Watergate Hotel

watergate hotel bar

watergate hotel guestroom

watergate hotel inside pool

watergate hotel entrance

Sketch for Watergate hotel staff uniforms

The iconic Watergate Hotel in Washington DC just reopened after a nine-year renovation. The new design features luxurious interiors and humorous touches that pay homage to the hotel’s historic past:

Guest key cards say “No need to break in,” reminding us of the Watergate break-in scandal at the nearby office building that led to the resignation of president Nixon. Guests are also free to take the pens inscribed ‘Stolen from The Watergate Hotel’.

Lastly, most of the furniture throughout the hotel has been custom-made to look like it’s from the 1960s and the staff uniforms were created by the Emmy-winning Mad Men costume designer.


The new Tate Modern extension





The Switch House, the new extension of Tate Modern officially opened on June 17th. Watch an amazing time-lapse video showing the 8-year construction designed by Herzog & de Meuron. Can’t wait to visit!

A colorful nursery in France

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes play area1

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes exterior

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes exterior

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes dining

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes interior

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes play area

Look at these colors! Dominique Coulon and his associates have built a great colorful day nursery for the children of Buhl, a small village in north-eastern France. The nursery is actually arranged in multiple crowns that form a solid shape – like a castle – and has been designed to echo a 14th-century castle that dominates the area from a nearby hillside.


Brazilian modernism


The SPenthouse in Sao Paulo


The Jungle House

Two fine examples of Brazilian modernist architecture by Marcio Kogan.


A converted chapel


silly-little-chapel-25   silly-little-chapel-16




silly-little-chapel-34   silly-little-chapel-20

This is a Swedish chapel converted into a house. This kind of conversions always intrigues me, partly because they would never happen in Greece with Greek Orthodox churches. But if you speak strictly architecturally, I would love a place like this, not so much as a house -it looks a little busy- but as a sunny studio / workplace.


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