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A wood and glass house in Australia


This vacation house in Victoria, Australia has it all: Architectural design that refers to the modernist pavilions of the 50’s and 60’s in California, large window openings that extend the inside space to the outside, wooden materials everywhere combined with glass, an open plan kitchen and living area, beautiful minimal furniture, while everything is on one level, housed under a long linear roof.

It was designed by the Australian firm InForm Design, that actually offers a wide range of pre-designed houses or a custom architectural design service.


The ancient stepwells of India

Victoria Lautman, India stepwells, Victoria Lautman, India stepwells2 Victoria Lautman, India stepwells3 victorialautman8

I am fascinated by these structures that look like reverse temples. They are actually stepwells, that is deep wells inside ancient structures that can be accessed via staircases reaching several stories underground. With the earliest ones dating back between the 2nd and 4th centuries A.D, the stepwells were developed in India as a way to guarantee a steady water supply for areas suffering from heavy seasonal monsoons.

They later evolved into amazingly complex achievements of engineering and art with elements from Hindu and Islamic architecture. Unfortunately over the centuries, most of India’s thousands of stepwells have been neglected for a number of reasons.

These pieces of forgotten architecture remind me of the never-ending stairs in the artworks of M.C. Escher.

The photographer is Chicago journalist Victoria Lautman, who spent four years documenting the stepwells at 120 different sites around India, mainly to write a book about them in order to raise awareness.

Archibet – an illustrated alphabet of architects









The buildings of 26 important architects are transformed into letters of the alphabet in this series of whimsical illustrations by Federico Babina. The Barcelona-based architect and graphic artist says “the idea on which the Archibet project is based is to find a way to express the diversity of forms and styles that make up the architecture. Each letter is a small surrealist building that becomes part of an imaginary city made up of different shapes and styles that speak the same language of architecture”.

Juvet Landscape hotel



This is Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway, by architects Jensen & Skodvin.

The hotel has the so-called “landscape rooms” that are basically small “cubes” on stilts, with glass walls that offer each space a striking view of the valley, the river, the courtyard or the dramatic gorge below. This is what I call a room with a view!

The Infinite Bridge

Photo © Aarhus I Billeder.

The Infinite Bridge is a temporary architectural installation by Danish studio Gjøde & Povlsgaard Architects and was created as part of a large outdoor sculpture exhibition on the east coast of Denmark. It would be interesting to walk on this never-ending promenade while experiencing the changing landscape of the land and the sea.

The bridge was actually taken down last month, but apparently they set up a crowd-funding campaign for  a permanent version of the bridge built at the same location! That would be nice.

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