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Wooden artworks by Jui-Lin Yen

Funny little wooden figures and animals, that also double as vases or key hooks, designed by Taiwanese artist Yen Jui-Lin.





A house designed for cats and booklovers

A lovely house in Brooklyn, designed by BFDO architects, for two booklovers with two lucky cats. The large main bookcase has enough space on the top for the cats to walk around and also trap doors that allow the cats to access the floor above.




Perfectly photographed Art Deco staircases

A beautiful series of staircases from Art Deco and Bauhaus buildings, impeccably captured by Hungarian photographer Balint Alovits.


A clever corner desk

This is Eckretär, a (rather expensive) corner desk, but also so clever. It saves space and also has a spot to charge your appliances.


Sign Painting by Alex Fowkes

Love this lettering painted by British graphic designer Alex Fowkes. “Take Pride”, “Collaborate” and “Be Courageous” is the sign painting written on a wall of the office of a creative production studio.


A wise-man’s head transformed into a planter

That’s what I call brain pickingsA Future Perfect is an Athens-based concept-brand. One of their products, Hacked, is a concrete wise-head transformed in an unexpected manner to produce a multi-functional everyday use object: a planter, a candle holder, a pencil pot all in one. I would love one as a planter!

Abstract: The Art of Design documentary

This new Netflix documentary series called Abstract: The Art of Design looks really interesting! Designer Paula Scher, illustrator Christoph Niemann, photographer Platon, interior designer Ilse Crawford are just some of the creative people featured.

The kitchen of a Paris apartment

Living room, open kitchen of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, separated by glass

Open kitchen of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, separated by glass

Open kitchen of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, separated by glass

Open kitchen of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, separated by glass

Living room of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, Black walls

Bedroom of a Paris apartment, Morgane Sézalory, wallpaper

A very sophisticated apartment in Paris! Love the idea of the beautiful ‘open’ kitchen separated by glass from the rest of the living room. The family wanted an ‘open kitchen’, but in France  it wasn’t common to have kitchens opening into the living room. They came up with the idea of a glass wall as a solution, so that they still have a little separation from the food preparation and  the noise of the kids, in case one of them wanted some quiet time.



Amazing interiors photographed by David Burdeny

pastel room racconigi italy David Burdeny

Pastel Room, Racconigi, Italy

map room caprarola italy 2016 David Burdeny

Map Room Caprarola Italy

Castello di Sammezzano tuscany italy 2012 David Burdeny

Castello di Sammezzano Tuscany Italy

Reading Room Napoli Italy 2016 David Burdeny

Reading Room Napoli Italy

 Arbatskaya Metro Station Moscow Russia 2015 David Burdeny

Arbatskaya Metro Station Moscow Russia

 Mikhailovsky Theatre Curtain St Petersburg Russia 2014 David Burdeny

Mikhailovsky Theatre Curtain St Petersburg Russia

Ballet School Havana Cuba 2014 David Burdeny

Ballet School Havana Cuba

 Art Deco lobby Havana Cuba 2014 David Burdeny

Art Deco lobby Havana Cuba

Canadian photographer David Burdeny has an extensive portfolio of images from all over the world, but especially his photos from interiors are stunning. Maybe that is also because he has a degree in architecture and interior design.

Burdeny has photographed in Italy, Cuba, Russia and many other places, but a recurrent theme in his work is the interiors of old and beautiful buildings, especially in his photos of interiors inside Italian palaces, villas, castles, theaters and libraries. He is also known for his pictures of Moscow’s underground stations.


The luxurious style of Bethan Gray’s furniture

Shamsian Nizwa cabinet Bethan Gray

From the Shamsian Nizwa Collection

shaman masirah table Bethan Gray

Table from the Shamsian Nizwa Collection

shamsian stud side table Bethan Gray

From the Shamsian Stud Collection

Brogue side table jade on teal Bethan Gray

Brogue Side Table

slideshow stud side table jade Bethan Gray,

Stud Side Table

I am in love with this designer’s work! Bethan Gray, an award winning Welsh designer has influences from her Indian and Arabic origins and has created a fabulous new furniture collection, that was picked out in the recent London Design Festival.

A few pieces, like the Nizwa cabinet above with solid brass overlay, have been modeled after Omani architecture and was the result of her collaboration with an Iranian traditional craftsman. Gray has a love for detail, tactile textures, and luxurious materials such as semi-precious stones, marble, wood, and leather.

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