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The Apollo 11 table

French design studio Harow used digital files from the NASA archives to design a table that replicates the real topology of the moon’s surface. The Apollo 11 Table is created with amazing detail by fiberglass and resin. Love it!




A clever corner desk

This is Eckretär, a (rather expensive) corner desk, but also so clever. It saves space and also has a spot to charge your appliances.


The luxurious style of Bethan Gray’s furniture

Shamsian Nizwa cabinet Bethan Gray

From the Shamsian Nizwa Collection

shaman masirah table Bethan Gray

Table from the Shamsian Nizwa Collection

shamsian stud side table Bethan Gray

From the Shamsian Stud Collection

Brogue side table jade on teal Bethan Gray

Brogue Side Table

slideshow stud side table jade Bethan Gray,

Stud Side Table

I am in love with this designer’s work! Bethan Gray, an award winning Welsh designer has influences from her Indian and Arabic origins and has created a fabulous new furniture collection, that was picked out in the recent London Design Festival.

A few pieces, like the Nizwa cabinet above with solid brass overlay, have been modeled after Omani architecture and was the result of her collaboration with an Iranian traditional craftsman. Gray has a love for detail, tactile textures, and luxurious materials such as semi-precious stones, marble, wood, and leather.

Khalkedon House in Istanbul

khalkedon penthouse2 istanbul by escapefromsofa

khalkedon penthouse istanbul by escapefromsofa

A stunning interior of a house in Istanbul, designed by Turkish design studio Escape From Sofa. The combination of the mid-century modern furniture together with the black and white wallpaper is just beautiful.


Chair made from a Boeing 737 engine

 737 Cowling Chair by Fallen Furniture

 737 Cowling Chair by Fallen Furniture

Wow! A chair made from a genuine Boeing 737 engine. This is the 737 Cowling Chair by UK-based furniture design company Fallen Furniture. With a matching aluminum swiveling base and a black-leather upholstered interior, it reminds me of the funky Ball Chair by Eero Saarinen.

Also check out the Fuselage Wall Art, while other products with aircraft parts include: an Airbus A300 window clock, an Airbus A320 escape hatch table, a Boeing 747 wheel table, an exhaust lamp and a R.A.F.  cluster bomb drinks cabinet!


The Typographia collection

YES - Tabisso Typographia lounge-chairs and punctuation floor lamps EAT - Tabisso Typographia lounge-chairs and punctuation floor lamps SCAD - Tabisso Typographia lounge-chairs and punctuation floor lamps IDEA - Tabisso Typographia lounge-chairs and punctuation floor lamps A to Z - Tabisso Typographia lounge-chairs A to Z - Tabisso Typographia kids chairs Tabisso Typographia punctuation floor lamps Tabisso Typographia punctuation floor lamps

Tabisso’s product range TYPOGRAPHIA is a unique collection of typographic lounge-chairs representing all letters from A-Z and numbers from 0-9, completed by a set of floor lamps with 25 punctuation marks.

I just saw these in a magazine and was wondering why didn’t anyone think of this before? The typographic lounge-chairs are probably too much for home decoration, but I find them a perfect touch for company lobbies or office space and showrooms.

In the other hand it would be fun for the girls to have 3 chairs with their initials: C, M & D. And an asterisk lamp would not be bad either.

Rising furniture

Amazing rising furniture by designer Robert van Embricqs from the Netherlands.

Woodie armchair

Woodie Armchair Melyo

Love the straight lines and the color combinations of the Woodie Armchair from Polish label MELYO.

Hairy thing

Hairy Thing, funny ottoman

I find this hairy ottoman-thing, hilarious! I want one for my living room (I know our cat wants it already)

Two is company

JUEWA by Two is Company

I love the forms in this wooden “credenza” with bronze geometric pattern on the sliding doors. Designed by Two is Company, an Athens-based duo of an industrial designer and an architect. Their inspiration comes from ancient Greek patterns, symbols and structures, which they beautifully redefine with a contemporary modernist style.

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