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Wearable art by Nora Fok

Not sure if this is jewelry or wearable art, but they look stunning. UK-based Nora Fok uses modern materials like nylon, combined with knitting and weaving to create very delicate and fragile-looking pieces.




One minute art history

The history of art in an experimental short film that lasts for less than one minute. Filmmaker and art teacher Cao Shu, renders a variety of art styles like: ancient Egyptian, Chinese ink paintings, ancient Greek to more modern style like Van Gogh, Picasso  and Modigliani, creating an amazing animation.

(Thanks Zoe!)

Beach paintings by Sally West

Beautiful beach paintings by the Australian artist Sally West. She uses extra thick paint to create texture and an almost Impressionistic style.


Color coded arrangements

Emily Blincoe creates satisfying color-coded arrangements of objects like fruits, pebbles, stamps and candy. This is a portion of her grandmother’s stamp collection. Check out other interesting colorful arrangements here.


Paintings of metal objects

“wrapped pineapple” 2016

Gemma Gené, an architect and visual artist from Barcelona, creates these amazingly realistic drawings and paintings of objects wrapped in or made of metal.


Typographic maps by Paula Scher

Love these typographically illustrated maps by the celebrated graphic designer Paula Scher. Scher began painting these obsessively detailed, highly personal creations in the early 1990s and were recently published as a book.

Grand scale mountain art

To bring the world closer to the live action at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships that took place in St. Moritz, Switzerland, UNIT9 programmed autonomous robots to craft messages from fans in the snow. The result was an alpine artwork masterpiece – the size of 16 soccer fields. See the video of the amazing process!

Street art by WD

New graffiti artwork by WD (aka Wild Drawing). The artist who is actually Balinese and based in Greece, has created another amazing piece in downtown Athens again!

Taste Modern: art-inspired pastries

Wow! This is an afternoon tea menu I would like to experience! London’s Rosewood hotel is launching a special pastry menu paying homage to five of the world’s most celebrated modern artists. They are part of the Art Afternoon Tea and include art-inspired pastries created after Yayoi Kusama, Damien Hirst, Alexander Calder, Banksy and Mark Rothko.

Forest of Numbers art installation

An amazing installation called Forest of Numbers for the 10th anniversary of the National Art Center in Tokyo by the French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux. It consists of 60,000 suspended numbers in 100 colors!


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