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Astronaut Light

I found two Astronaut Lights last night. I just love them both!

First one is from ModCloth but unfortunately not available at the moment. The second one is a USB Astronaut Light which attaches on your laptop or any other socket. Available here.

Α levitating cloud with sounds and lights

Making Weather is an amazing project by Richard Clarkson in collaboration with Crealev. A floating thunder cloud that levitates with the help of magnetic components embedded into the base and into the cloud itself. It also has an inbuilt bluetooth speaker and sound reactive LED lights for realistic thunder effects! Not yet available as a commercial product, but they are working on it…


The Typographia collection

YES - Tabisso Typographia lounge-chairs and punctuation floor lamps EAT - Tabisso Typographia lounge-chairs and punctuation floor lamps SCAD - Tabisso Typographia lounge-chairs and punctuation floor lamps IDEA - Tabisso Typographia lounge-chairs and punctuation floor lamps A to Z - Tabisso Typographia lounge-chairs A to Z - Tabisso Typographia kids chairs Tabisso Typographia punctuation floor lamps Tabisso Typographia punctuation floor lamps

Tabisso’s product range TYPOGRAPHIA is a unique collection of typographic lounge-chairs representing all letters from A-Z and numbers from 0-9, completed by a set of floor lamps with 25 punctuation marks.

I just saw these in a magazine and was wondering why didn’t anyone think of this before? The typographic lounge-chairs are probably too much for home decoration, but I find them a perfect touch for company lobbies or office space and showrooms.

In the other hand it would be fun for the girls to have 3 chairs with their initials: C, M & D. And an asterisk lamp would not be bad either.

Dandelions lighting





Can you imagine real dandelions emitting light?

Fragile Future III by Studio Drift is a modular system combining nature and technology. The three-dimensional bronze electrical circuits contain luminous dandelion seed heads and bolt together to form a power circuit overgrowing walls, floors and ceilings, forming sculptures and chandeliers.

Very delicate and beautiful result.

Popup Lighting

Chen Bikovski_Popup Lighting


I love the humor of this Deer Head light by Chen Bikovski, a Tel Aviv-based designer. It was envisioned as both a lighting fixture and a piece of wall art. The deer head magically reveals its antlers, when the light is turned on.


Flyte lamp

Flyte is the most magical product I have come across in a long time. It’s a levitating light which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. It looks like real magic (but it’s actually induction technology – whatever that is…)!


3D optical illusion lamps

BULBING Lighting Studio Cheha all three BULBING Lighting Studio Cheha 1

Μeet DESKi, ZIGGi, and CLASSi, three new lamp designs from Studio Cheha now based in Tel Aviv. The lamps look just like actual three-dimensional modern lamps but, in reality, if you turn them to the side, you can see they are two-dimensional. You can order one here.

Illuminated balloons inside Covent Garden



If you happen to be in London until the end of September, you may be lucky to see this beautiful installation inside Covent Garden. Heartbeat is a cloud composed of 100,000 white balloons, suspended from the ceiling. The installation, with the balloons illuminated from the inside, is designed by French artist and photographer Charles Pétillion.

(via This is Colossal)

Lighting from coconuts

Kubilius coconut lamps1 Kubilius coconut lamps2

Beautiful and atmospheric lamps made by coconut, suede and cork by Lithuania-based Vainius Kubilius. Thousands of holes on the coconut shells allow the light to come out in intricate patterns. They remind me of aboriginal paintings.

(via This is Colossal)

Living light



Nissa Kinjalina is a designer based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Her “Living Light” lamp looks like a transparent container where the light is poured. Beautiful.

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