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Colorful photography by Annelie Vandendael

Love the style of Annelie Vandendael, a Belgian-born photographer. She uses very interesting and playful imagery in her pictures like fish, ice-cream and animals. Using a Hasselblad analog camera, she likes to show the realistic nature of her subjects.

She says: “Nowadays it is no longer obvious to see real images because they are all manipulated and photoshopped. Representing real people with their imperfections is far more interesting for me! I depict the human being rather as a piece of nature than as an object. It is a reaction against examples of fashion photography in which the personality of the individual is irrelevant. Therefore I aim to let the authenticity of the body speak for itself. A manipulated body gives us a wrong perception of reality anyway.”


Marijuana Stockings

I would love to have a pair of these Marijuana Stockings by Strathcona. The brand specializes in fine printed socks, objects and leisure wear, all of which are limited-edition and original: painted, collaged, photographed or drawn by founder/artist Ryley O’Byrne.

Clothes collection made from marker drawings





I find the concept behind this collection so interesting! Quick hand sketches with markers have been enlarged and transformed into clothes and shoes. It is the Spring-Summer collection of UK-based designer Edda Gimnes, who just recently graduated from London College of Fashion and has already made an impact as “one of ten Fresh out of Fashion School designers to watch”

OK, maybe these are not really wearable clothes, but only the thought that someone actually came up with the idea and made it happen, is so entertaining!


Iris Apfel: style icon at 94




I just watched  the film Iris yesterday. It’s a documentary about Iris Apfel, an extraordinary woman with a very rich life, who is still a fashion icon at 94.

Iris calls herself a “geriatric starlet”. She is known for her flamboyant wardrobe and passion for accessories. She’s also known for her signature enormous glasses. But Iris was more than simply a fashion expert, she was a successful business woman—she and her husband Carl had a great textile company that gave her the opportunity to travel all over the world. Can you believe she took part in design projects at the White House for nine presidents?  Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton!

Do yourselves a favor and watch it (you can rent it in iTunes).

As she says: “You only have one trip…. you might as well enjoy it!”

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