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A straightforward work contract

“You give me money, I’ll give you creative.
I’ll start when the check clears.
Time is money. More time is more money.
I’ll listen to you. You listen to me.
You tell me what you want, I’ll tell you what you need.
You want me to be on time, I want you to be on time.
What you use is yours, what you don’t is mine.
I can’t give you stuff I don’t own.
I’ll try not to be an ass, you should do the same.
If you want something that’s been done before, use that.


If you want your way, you have to pay.
If you don’t pay, I have final say.

Let’s create something great together.”

This is actually a work contract for a design firm in Chicago. So straightforward and simple!


A brilliant Photoshop eyedropper trick

I don’t know if most people know this already, but I just found out that you can use Photoshop’s eyedropper tool to pick colours outside of Photoshop itself!

“Just click in your photoshop document, hold, and drag the eyedropper outside to whatever pixel you want. 

You have to *start* the color selection within PS, but it can *end* wherever you’re able to move your mouse to.”

As simple as that!


A flexible Lego tape

This is a flexible adhesive tape that turns virtually any surface into a space for LEGO-building! Nimuno Loops was crowdfunded and is going to be ready for production later this year. The tape comes in different colors and is intended basically for Lego-building around corners or on curved surfaces, but I love it so much I could think of a ton of other uses!



PinPres shelving system

pin press shelf by ooomydesign

pin press shelf dark by ooomydesign

pin press shelf colors by ooomydesign

pin press shelf red by ooomydesign

Pin Pres is a playful shelving system designed by OOO My Design and handmade in Spain, that adapts to the shape of the items placed on it. Great idea for kids, it could actually make the act of cleaning up the room a playful experience! The obvious use would be for books, but I can imagine it also for storing wine bottles and maybe creating letters or words. Designed by Vanesa Moreno Serna and Nenad Katic, it comes in two sizes and 4 colors.

ZigZag city guides for kids

ZigZag city guidesZigZag Paris city guide ZigZag Paris city guide cards ZigZag Paris city guide all

Meet Zig and Zag, the two characters from ZigZag, the new city guides for kids. They allow parents and kids to explore together with the help of a map of the city, 30 city cards filled with fun facts and activities, and a box to hold them in. Really great idea to keep the kids happy and entertained and at the same time, making learning fun.

Except from the beautiful guides of London , Paris and Rome, the rest  of the guides are for US cities. This  idea would be great for more European cities, but for the time being you can order online here.


A pocket tripod for your smartphone

Pocket Tripod

Pocket Tripod fits in a wallet

I love playing around with my phone’s camera and I always wanted to try a time-lapse video. But for that, you need a tripod and even if you have a tripod, it has to be flexible and small enough to have it with you in your bag, and most importantly to remember to take it in the first place! So, I love this Pocket Tripod idea a lot, because you can always carry with you. Problem solved!

It’s currently on Kickstarter.


Decluttering tip

“Throw all the stuff from your kitchen “junk” drawer into an empty box. Leave the box next to the kitchen for a month. Whenever you need something out of the box, put it back in the drawer. Things that are still in the box a month later, you probably won’t ever need again.”

– Peter Walsh, Australian-American professional organizer

Dacuda – a wireless pocket scanner

This looks like an awesome product!

Dacuda is a  mini wireless scanner that lets you scan anything, anywhere and sends an image to your phone or computer in real time. The  scanned image is high-res and probably much clearer than a picture from your phone. You can even open and edit the scanned text in Word. Super useful for designers! It’s already on my wish list.


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