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New app to cut & paste your surroundings directly into Photoshop

To all graphic designers: Remember when you had to take a photo of an object, import into Photoshop, make a clipping path around it and finally place it in its final position?

Paris-based designer and artist Cyril Diagne recently launched the prototype for an amazing new image editing program where you can directly cut and paste your surroundings into Photoshop. The way it works is, when you take a photograph with AR Cut & Paste, the software finds the objects and automatically removes their backgrounds.

It is not final product yet, but apparently you can download it from GitHub.

Florence – a love story in a game

Ken Wong is the amazing Australian game designer and artist, behind the game Monument Valley, which won an Apple Design Award and two BAFTA Game Awards. He recently founded a new craft games studio called Mountains and just released a new and very interesting game. It is called Florence, and it is an intimate love story experienced through a game.

From the creator’s description: “Florence is an interactive storybook from the award-winning lead designer of Monument Valley about the heart-racing highs and heartbreaking lows of a young woman’s very first love.

Florence Yeoh feels a little… stuck. Her life is an endless routine of work, sleep, and spending too much time on social media. Then one day, she meets a cello player named Krish who changes everything about how she sees the world and herself.

Experience every beat of Florence and Krish’s relationship through a series of mini-game vignettes – from flirting to fighting, from helping each other grow… to growing apart. Drawing inspiration from ‘slice of life’ graphic novels and webcomics, Florence is an intimate and unforgettable story.”







A brilliant Photoshop eyedropper trick

I don’t know if most people know this already, but I just found out that you can use Photoshop’s eyedropper tool to pick colours outside of Photoshop itself!

“Just click in your photoshop document, hold, and drag the eyedropper outside to whatever pixel you want. 

You have to *start* the color selection within PS, but it can *end* wherever you’re able to move your mouse to.”

As simple as that!


A new kind of store

Can you imagine this? Amazon has introduced a new kind of store, with no lines and no checkout. You just grab your items and go, and your groceries will be charged automatically! For now, only Amazon employees can shop in the new Seattle store, but they plan to open the store to the public early next year. Read more about it here!


A pocket tripod for your smartphone

Pocket Tripod

Pocket Tripod fits in a wallet

I love playing around with my phone’s camera and I always wanted to try a time-lapse video. But for that, you need a tripod and even if you have a tripod, it has to be flexible and small enough to have it with you in your bag, and most importantly to remember to take it in the first place! So, I love this Pocket Tripod idea a lot, because you can always carry with you. Problem solved!

It’s currently on Kickstarter.


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