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Garbage beauty

_lorem_ipsum_or Monsieur Boz is creating powerful messages with calligraphy on ephemeral objects found on the street in Montreal and shares them on his Instagram account called Garbage Beauty. He calls his style calligraffiti. The “Fake News” television sets are my favourite, so relevant these days.

The same designer created this great lettering T-shirt. You can purchase here.

Zim & Zou paper art

I first thought that this amazing work was done by Chinese artists. But despite the name, Zim&Zou are two french artists, based in Dordogne, France. Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann first studied graphic design, but then decided to focus on installations using handcrafted objects made out of tangible materials. Their favorite material is basically paper. It blows my mind how these artists dedicate their time to manipulate paper, creating beautiful intricate and colorful sculptures. Selected clients include Hermès, IBM, Microsoft, TIME, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel and the Nobel Prize Museum.

Grand scale mountain art

To bring the world closer to the live action at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships that took place in St. Moritz, Switzerland, UNIT9 programmed autonomous robots to craft messages from fans in the snow. The result was an alpine artwork masterpiece – the size of 16 soccer fields. See the video of the amazing process!

The Floating Piers by artist Christo

christo floating piers

christo floating piers

christo floating piers aerial

christo floating piers fabric

christo floating piers

christo floating piers

christo floating piers preparation sketches

christo floating piers map

I wish I could personally experience this amazing installation in Lake Iseo, Italy by 81-year-old Bulgarian-American artist Christo, but unfortunately it was on until July 3rd. The artist created The Floating Piersa long walkway made of vivid yellow fabric on top of floating cubes. Visitors were able to experience this work of art by walking on it from Sulzano to Monte Isola and to the island of San Paolo. “Those who experienced The Floating Piers felt like they were walking on water – or perhaps the back of a whale,” said Christo. 


Amazingly realistic body-painted animals

frog bodypainting by johannes stoetter

Fish bodypainting by johannes stoetter

Wolf bodypainting by johannes stoetter

chameleon bodypainting by johannes stoetter

Is it a frog, or is it 5 humans painted to look like a frog? Look closely in these animal photographs, and you may notice that they are not actually animals, but humans in incredible body-paint. Inspired by nature, musician and body-painting artist Johannes Stoetter creates amazingly detailed paintings of animals on the bodies of living models. Each of these take up to 8 hours of work to complete, but also need up to 5 months of planning. Unbelievable.

Check this ‘revealing’ video:

You can watch more detailed videos on his You Tube channel.

(thanks Vicky)


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