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Sculptures in nature

Martin Hill sculptures Circle Of Circles

Martin Hill sculptures Diamond Lake Ice Circle

Martin Hill sculptures Rising Circle

Martin Hill sculptures Synergy

I love these geometric sculptures in nature, by environmental artist Martin Hill.

Hill uses organic materials such as ice, sticks and stones to create his site-specific installations in New Zealand. He then “preserves” these temporary artworks through photographs.


Migrants, walking New York City

JR, New York Times Magazine cover

The French street artist JR has been working on immigration projects for some time now. Last spring, he was approached by the New York Times Magazine, to create a project together. JR chose and photographed 15 immigrants who arrived in New York from all over the world, within the last 365 days. He photographed them walking in the city, all of them unnoticeable and living in the shadows.

On the night of April 11, JR’s team started pasting the image of Elmar, 20 years-old who came from Azerbaijan, on Flatiron plaza in New York City. The image was 150 feet high. People walked on him all day, but no one really noticed him.

A few days later, Elmar was on the cover of the New York Times magazine while everyone else was in the shadows.

See a time-lapse video behind the making of the above cover.

A Christmas balls installation

John M. Armleder, Christmas balls installation

An installation with Christmas balls by John M. Armleder, a Swiss performance artist, painter and sculptor.


A film about Ellis island with Robert De Niro


I have been following the French street artist JR for some time and I just saw that the poster of his new short movie ELLIS is out. The film will be out in the US in October and hopefully we will be able to see it at some point. It is part of a series of projects about Ellis Island, the gateway to the United States for 12 million immigrants.

The short film explores parts of the island that nobody visited in over 70 years, and pays respect to to all those who were not given a chance at the American Dream. “It’s a fiction, that slowly connects to the reality,” JR explains. “I asked Robert De Niro to play an immigrant that’s been there and never got accepted, and ended up being a ghost in this island. You see things from his point of view, telling his story and it slowly connects to what happens today.”

Last year the artist also hosted a very interesting photo installation called Unframed – Ellis Island, on the walls of the old abandoned hospital on the island, which closed in 1954.

Illuminated balloons inside Covent Garden



If you happen to be in London until the end of September, you may be lucky to see this beautiful installation inside Covent Garden. Heartbeat is a cloud composed of 100,000 white balloons, suspended from the ceiling. The installation, with the balloons illuminated from the inside, is designed by French artist and photographer Charles Pétillion.

(via This is Colossal)

The Infinite Bridge

Photo © Aarhus I Billeder.

The Infinite Bridge is a temporary architectural installation by Danish studio Gjøde & Povlsgaard Architects and was created as part of a large outdoor sculpture exhibition on the east coast of Denmark. It would be interesting to walk on this never-ending promenade while experiencing the changing landscape of the land and the sea.

The bridge was actually taken down last month, but apparently they set up a crowd-funding campaign for  a permanent version of the bridge built at the same location! That would be nice.

Don’t play with fire

Pei San Ng-danger-right Pei San Ng-danger-zoom

I love the work of Chicago-based Pei-San Ng, who created this three-dimensional piece with matches. The lettering is based on her own cursive handwriting and it is based around the ideas of combustibility. She says: “I want to tempt the viewer to destroy my artwork. When you look at these pieces you realize that – if you light the matches then you change the work, it becomes a performance, and the artwork is potentially destroyed, there is a tension there, you get a moment of satisfaction and then you have nothing – I like that tease”

Mexican blanket / deconstructed



sarape blankets

I would love to have one of these artworks by Adrian Esparza, a Texas-based artist who takes the traditional Mexican blanket (sarape) and deconstructs it, creating modern geometric installations using the same blanket threads.

(via The Jealous Curator)

Artist Daniel Rozin, created the PomPom Mirror, an installation with almost 1000 furry pom poms activated by motors to create an interactive mirror reflection of the viewer. Watch the video, it’s captivating. Can I please have one ?

(via Colossal)

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