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Extraordinary Routines

Extraordinary Routines  is a great website that peeks into the lives and routines of various creative people. In their own words: “Illuminating the everyday lives of creatives,
the extraordinary in the ordinary,
  the imperfection in creativity”. Inspiring to read about everyday habits through interviews with a few of my favorite artists and designers.



My work featured on the blog of Lettering Guy

Thank you Alex Savakis, for featuring me in your blog, I really enjoyed doing this interview!!!

A brilliant website for a copywriter

Less Hard Sell

More Hard Sell

Joe Coleman is a British freelance copywriter. He thought of this brilliant concept for a website, where you can scroll left or right according to what you want: Less Hard Sell or More Hard Sell. Check the website here.


Interactive RRRGGGBBB

rrrgggbbb website, interactive sites, RGB color, interactive, funny website, Red, Green, Blue

“An R, a B, a G, a mouse and some sound. Six million plus unique visitors shared the hell out of this!” A fun experimental website by Amsterdam-based Pregnant Studios, that only takes a minute to waste…


PinPres shelving system

pin press shelf by ooomydesign

pin press shelf dark by ooomydesign

pin press shelf colors by ooomydesign

pin press shelf red by ooomydesign

Pin Pres is a playful shelving system designed by OOO My Design and handmade in Spain, that adapts to the shape of the items placed on it. Great idea for kids, it could actually make the act of cleaning up the room a playful experience! The obvious use would be for books, but I can imagine it also for storing wine bottles and maybe creating letters or words. Designed by Vanesa Moreno Serna and Nenad Katic, it comes in two sizes and 4 colors.

Traveling back in time with “Dear Photograph”


dear photograph

Dear Photograph, letting go of my mother’s hand on the first day of school was always the hardest.Liz

dear photograph

Dear Photograph, I thought Dad never took a picture of me, ever. Then I noticed his reflection in the glass.Gregg

dear photograph

Dear Photograph, remember when you had to come home when the streetlight came on? Where are the good old days when the neighborhood was full of kids outside playing tag, hide-and-seek, and Wiffle ball?Those were the kick-the-can fun times!Linda

dear photograph

Dear Photograph, at the time it was not common for a man to walk behind a pram. I’m so proud of my father.Eva

dear photograph

Dear Photograph, why did we watch TV so close’ – Simon

Dear Photograph started off as a small nostalgic blog created by Taylor Jones. Very soon it went viral.

The idea is simple: hold a picture from the past in the place where it was photographed and take a picture of the picture. Add a caption to explain the meaning it has for you and you may be part of a collection of thousands of other moments traveling back in time. So many actually, that the creator decided to turn them also into a book. Digital nostalgia of the highest order!

Brendan Harvey’s Goodnewsletter

Branden Harvey's Goodnewsletter

Branden Harvey has made the idea of seeking the good in the world his mission. He started a project where each week he shares five of the most hopeful news stories he has come across from around the world in the form of a newsletter, he calls, the Goodnewsletter. The reaction of people has been incredible.  Hundreds of people sent in articles, videos, and stories of hopeful things, happening in the world. I have also subscribed to the newsletter. In a world of bad news and negativity all around, there was obviously a need for a hopeful voice to share only good news. As Harvey says: “There’s no shortage of good news in the world. You just have to know where to look.” Love the idea!


Kiddle – a child friendly search engine

kiddle_ a child friendly search engine from Google

Finally, a search engine for kids – and it is powered by editors and Google safe search! I just tried Kiddle, and it looks like a good, safe alternative to Google search. The search results are kid-friendly and they actually come out as large thumbnails to help them select what they want.


The N.Y. Public Library collection available for download

public domain nypl

public domain nypl

On January 2016, The New York Public Library made over 187.000 digital items in the public domain, available for high resolution download. Great collection of photographs, old menus, maps, prints, engravings, postcards, music sheets, lithographs, letters, documents, drawings, watercolors etc, from as early as 11th century until more recent years.

But what is amazing is the visualization tool, that groups ALL these images chronologically, or by genre, collection or even color.


Project Apollo archive

Apollo mission photos NASA

All color and b&w photographs taken during all the Apollo missions are uploaded on this fascinating Flickr gallery. These historic photographs are all unprocessed, high resolution film scans provided by NASA and the Johnson Space Center. You can also see the famous 1969 photos of the first landing on the moon which was during Apollo mission 11 .

This is also a fun video: someone thought of putting together all the Apollo photos in a video, making it look like stop motion animation.

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