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The N.Y. Public Library collection available for download

public domain nypl

public domain nypl

On January 2016, The New York Public Library made over 187.000 digital items in the public domain, available for high resolution download. Great collection of photographs, old menus, maps, prints, engravings, postcards, music sheets, lithographs, letters, documents, drawings, watercolors etc, from as early as 11th century until more recent years.

But what is amazing is the visualization tool, that groups ALL these images chronologically, or by genre, collection or even color.

Using LEGO to build math concepts



I always loved Lego as a kid but Alycia Zimmerman, a 3rd-grade teacher in New York, takes it to a new educational level. She uses LEGO bricks to explain fractions, squares and other mathematical concepts to her students. What a great idea!

She has also written an article about the full potential of LEGO and about her experience in using them in class.


The hidden risks of sitting

“Bodies are built for motion — not for stillness”. As someone who sits for long hours while working on the computer, this video touches a nerve with me personally. It actually explains what happens to our body and our health when we sit all the time.


The future table for living from Ikea


A table that tells you what you can make with various ingredients and also heats your food, no stove required? “A Table for Living” is a concept from Ikea for the future kitchen of 2025.

Ikea made an impression in this year’s EXPO Milan 2015, where they presented their prototype for a concept table that helps you decide what to prepare, suggests recipes, but also weighs and heats the food. All that, besides being a regular kitchen table! The designers see the concept table as a “preparation surface, hob, dining table, work bench and children’s play area”. How cool is that?

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