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Amazing interiors photographed by David Burdeny

pastel room racconigi italy David Burdeny

Pastel Room, Racconigi, Italy

map room caprarola italy 2016 David Burdeny

Map Room Caprarola Italy

Castello di Sammezzano tuscany italy 2012 David Burdeny

Castello di Sammezzano Tuscany Italy

Reading Room Napoli Italy 2016 David Burdeny

Reading Room Napoli Italy

 Arbatskaya Metro Station Moscow Russia 2015 David Burdeny

Arbatskaya Metro Station Moscow Russia

 Mikhailovsky Theatre Curtain St Petersburg Russia 2014 David Burdeny

Mikhailovsky Theatre Curtain St Petersburg Russia

Ballet School Havana Cuba 2014 David Burdeny

Ballet School Havana Cuba

 Art Deco lobby Havana Cuba 2014 David Burdeny

Art Deco lobby Havana Cuba

Canadian photographer David Burdeny has an extensive portfolio of images from all over the world, but especially his photos from interiors are stunning. Maybe that is also because he has a degree in architecture and interior design.

Burdeny has photographed in Italy, Cuba, Russia and many other places, but a recurrent theme in his work is the interiors of old and beautiful buildings, especially in his photos of interiors inside Italian palaces, villas, castles, theaters and libraries. He is also known for his pictures of Moscow’s underground stations.


The luxurious style of Bethan Gray’s furniture

Shamsian Nizwa cabinet Bethan Gray

From the Shamsian Nizwa Collection

shaman masirah table Bethan Gray

Table from the Shamsian Nizwa Collection

shamsian stud side table Bethan Gray

From the Shamsian Stud Collection

Brogue side table jade on teal Bethan Gray

Brogue Side Table

slideshow stud side table jade Bethan Gray,

Stud Side Table

I am in love with this designer’s work! Bethan Gray, an award winning Welsh designer has influences from her Indian and Arabic origins and has created a fabulous new furniture collection, that was picked out in the recent London Design Festival.

A few pieces, like the Nizwa cabinet above with solid brass overlay, have been modeled after Omani architecture and was the result of her collaboration with an Iranian traditional craftsman. Gray has a love for detail, tactile textures, and luxurious materials such as semi-precious stones, marble, wood, and leather.

PinPres shelving system

pin press shelf by ooomydesign

pin press shelf dark by ooomydesign

pin press shelf colors by ooomydesign

pin press shelf red by ooomydesign

Pin Pres is a playful shelving system designed by OOO My Design and handmade in Spain, that adapts to the shape of the items placed on it. Great idea for kids, it could actually make the act of cleaning up the room a playful experience! The obvious use would be for books, but I can imagine it also for storing wine bottles and maybe creating letters or words. Designed by Vanesa Moreno Serna and Nenad Katic, it comes in two sizes and 4 colors.

An open-air hotel room in the Alps

Open-air hotel room

Open-air hotel room close

Open-air hotel room 2

After creating a hotel room out of a nuclear shelter, this time conceptual artists (and twin brothers) Frank and Patrik Riklin partnered with hospitality professionals to create an open-air hotel bedroom in the Swiss Alps. The room is again part of the Null Stern Hotel and has no walls or ceiling! It is managed by the local residents, whatever that means… The bed is fully booked for the 2016 summer season, but you can reserve for the 2017 summer season! (


Lyfe magnetic planters

Lyfe, gravitating, magnetic planter,

The makers of Flyte – the gravitating light bulbs – have launched a new exciting product: Lyfe! It’s a planter that hovers over a wooden base by magnetic levitation. “A zero-gravity growing system allowing you to cultivate your favorite plants in mid-air” as they describe it. Created by Simon Morris, the project successfully launched in Kickstarter in June and already reached its funding goal. Simply magic!


The transformation of a cargo van into a mobile studio

Zach-Both The-Vanual converted-van

Zach Both The Vanual converted van

Zach Both The Vanual converted van

Zach Both The Vanual converted van

Zach Both The Vanual converted van

I love how this filmmaker has creatively transformed an old van into a mobile studio. After deciding to embark on a creative “road show” around the U.S.,  Zach Both bought a van, and started to renovate the interior, taking influences from contemporary architecture. With no prior experience in carpentry, he managed to complete the work by himself and also decided to record everything down. The result was The Vanual, a website where he shares the entire process of converting a van into a camper and living a mobile lifestyle.


The reopening of the Watergate Hotel

watergate hotel bar

watergate hotel guestroom

watergate hotel inside pool

watergate hotel entrance

Sketch for Watergate hotel staff uniforms

The iconic Watergate Hotel in Washington DC just reopened after a nine-year renovation. The new design features luxurious interiors and humorous touches that pay homage to the hotel’s historic past:

Guest key cards say “No need to break in,” reminding us of the Watergate break-in scandal at the nearby office building that led to the resignation of president Nixon. Guests are also free to take the pens inscribed ‘Stolen from The Watergate Hotel’.

Lastly, most of the furniture throughout the hotel has been custom-made to look like it’s from the 1960s and the staff uniforms were created by the Emmy-winning Mad Men costume designer.


A colorful nursery in France

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes play area1

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes exterior

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes exterior

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes dining

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes interior

buhl nursery dominique coulon associes play area

Look at these colors! Dominique Coulon and his associates have built a great colorful day nursery for the children of Buhl, a small village in north-eastern France. The nursery is actually arranged in multiple crowns that form a solid shape – like a castle – and has been designed to echo a 14th-century castle that dominates the area from a nearby hillside.


Woods wallpaper

Woods wallpaper / Cole & Son

This wallpaper is a classic: Michael Clark designed this, now iconic, wallpaper pattern, in 1959. Originally designed as a screen print, the Woods wallpaper pattern features bold sketches of trees making a unique forest repeat.

This is actually going to be our wallpaper for one of the walls of the girls’ room. I was surprised they actually liked something like this, maybe because of its “fairytale” appeal, but I am quite happy they chose it because I think it’s timeless (also, no changing wallpapers again for at least 5 years).

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