cover kazoo

Now, this is something that combines my search for new and interesting ways to empower our young daughters to feel more confident of themselves, and also my love for design and lettering.

Kazoo is “a magazine for girls that inspires them to be strong, smart, fierce and, above all, true to themselves” as the creators say. In a time that TV and tablets are taking over the free time of young kids, it’s really encouraging to hear that a cool new magazine for girls aged 5-10 years is out. The founder, Erin Bried (a former magazine editor), thought of the concept out of the need to find a cool magazine for her daughter, that doesn’t only tell girls how to look or act. Bried launched Kazoo after a very successful Kickstarter campaign and the first issue was just printed this summer and is already sold out! All of their stories are either developed or inspired by top female artists, explorers, scientists, chefs, athletes, activists and writers. How inspiring is that for little girls?

Design wise for the first issue, Bried has used a selection of the best illustrators and letterers around. Mary Kate McDevitt has done all the lettering on the cover and some very nice lettering illustrations for inside. Illustrator and designer Libby Vander Ploeg has also created some beautifully illustrated maps. I can’t wait to look inside! I am thinking of subscribing for my daughters, but I will end up keeping the magazine for myself! Unfortunately the shipping costs from the US are too high, hopefully I will find a way!

(via) Thank you Tania!