Tuscany fields / Seta Zakian

Fields near Sienna, Tuscany

Pisa tourists Seta Zakian

Tourists taking a pose to be photographed ‘holding’ the Pisa leaning tower.

This post is dedicated to our recent family road-trip in our neighboring country.

In August we travelled to Italy with our car and the three girls. Fortunately we came back before the earthquake! For 20 days, we went mostly around Tuscany, visited more than 25 cities/towns/villages, stayed in 6 different apartments/airbnb rooms/towers, plus two nights on the boat, took thousands of photographs (including the photos from the girls’ cameras), ate a lot of pasta, pizza and gelato, had many espressos and cappuccinos, drank a lot of good red wine and basically had a great Italian experience! I posted a selection of our photos here.

The kids behaved and put up with our ‘boring’ programs to see yet another medieval village or church. Their highlights was the boat trip, seeing wild deer near a forest, seeing animals in a farm outside Florence, taking photos of cute doggies, visiting huge wine barrels in a winery, finding a shop dedicated to chocolate together with visiting a real chocolate factory (Baci), and of course eating gelato, every, single, day.

The above photos are just a tiny selection showing the two extremes of our trip: Beautiful postcard-like Tuscan landscape, but also the hoards of people from all over the world in Pisa, Florence and wherever it was considered “touristic”.

That’s it. Now all we need is a holiday to rest!