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John Bond

Today is Britain’s EU membership referendum. Focusing on the creative side of the campaigns, I have selected my favorites, from the many, pro-EU posters created by British artists all over the world.

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BSIE_(Jefferson_Hack_and_Ferdinando_Verderi)-via setaprint-blog




The British referendum reminds me a lot of  our own Greek referendum almost one year ago and I can say that the worst thing from that experience was the extreme polarization (almost hostility) of the opposite sides. So I totally agree with the Remain Positive campaign that urges pro-remain artists to design and contribute an image with a thoughtful and positive message for the pro-EU cause. The team behind Remain Positive says: “We are truly saddened to see the debate conducted as fear vs fear. We feel something terribly important has got lost amid the shouting. So for these last few days, these days in which the undecided will choose the future for all of us, we want to flood to the Internet with these positive arguments.” 

Remain-positive-sungif_via setaprint-blog

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Amy Walters


jonny_glover-Remain-positive-via setaprint-blog

Jonny Glover

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Rich Dinnis

Diversity Marion Deuchars Remain positive

Marion Deuchars

Diversity / Remain positive

kelley rich Remain positive

Kelley Rich

No country is an island Remain positive


Reunited Kingdom Remain positive

United We Stand Remain positive

Also, Wolfgang Tillmans created a series of anti-Brexit, open-source posters for Remain European Union referendum campaign.