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Sign Painting by Alex Fowkes

Love this lettering painted by British graphic designer Alex Fowkes. “Take Pride”, “Collaborate” and “Be Courageous” is the sign painting written on a wall of the office of a creative production studio.


Twelve Musketeers calendar for 2017

Twelve designers, created different hand printed pages for twelve months and the result is a fine letterpressed desk calendar standing on a hand cut wooden stand. You can order here.

Office Buddy flip chart

Love the flip chart Office Buddy. It comes with ten status updates and you can also custom design your own message. Of course, I work by myself, so it would look a little weird on my desk, but you never know…

Kafka’s words come to life with typography

typography, theater design, beetroot, Kafka machine

typography, theater design, beetroot, Kafka machine typography, theater design, beetroot, Kafka machine

typography, theater design, beetroot, Kafka machine

typography, theater design, beetroot, Kafka machine

This is the work of the award-winning design group Beetroot from Thessaloniki, for the opera production of “The Penal Colony” by Philip Glass and Franz Kafka. The director of the opera needed a design team to bring Kafka’s words to life and on stage, so, the designers from Beetroot decided to create the machine described in the book, out of Kafka’s text itself.

Beetroot explains: “Over the years we often return and explore the concept of typography as a ‘living entity; through various projects, which has led to some really interesting results both conceptually and visually. Interpreting Kafka’s machine as a literary device, we tried to elevate type from a mere decorating collection of characters to an actual performer, one that has the ability to torture and, ultimately, to kill.”


Illustration and lettering by Clairice Gifford

clairice gifford JOY, lettering design

clairice gifford Niceties, lettering design

clairice gifford Hello, flower and lettering design

clairice gifford H2O, lettering design

clairice gifford, holly jolly

clairice gifford pattern

clairice gifford pattern

I love Clairice Gifford’s botanical style of illustration and lettering. The US-based designer creates beautiful flowery illustrations and combines them with intricate retro-style lettering, inspired by bright color, travel, typography, her Swedish heritage and anything mid-century modern. Also check out her great collection of colorful patterns.

Title sequence for Camp festival

This is a sci-fi style title sequence, created by Joey Camacho, for CAMP 2016, a creative technology, art and design festival in Canada.


The calligraphic posters of Mehdi Saeedi





I find the work of Mehdi Saeedi exquisite! He combines his experience in classical islamic calligraphy with a strong  contemporary visual look. An internationally known artist based in Philadelphia, Saeedi was born in Tehran, Iran and trained in art & design. He is a typographer and calligrapher whose expertise is zoomorphic lettering design—shaping words into animals and other forms. He has received many awards and his works are to be found in museums around the world.

Abstract typography art by Scott Albrecht

all this time Scott Albrecht

new translations Scott Albrecht

the now Scott Albrecht

The Present Scott Albrecht

Scott Albrecht is a graphic design trained artist from Brooklyn. I just love his abstract typography work, especially the colorful pieces from the collection titled New Translations. The works are largely based in typography, meaning they contain words which are not clearly legible. At first you just think it is patterns, but then you realize you can see parts of words.

The specific woodworks are the result of an extensive process that starts with a hand-rendered drawing and requires hours of precision production work. Each piece is made up of dozens, sometimes hundreds of individual pieces that are cut, sanded, painted and re-assembled, often in varied depths.

scott albrecht collage

all the little things scott albrecht man who never sleeps scott albrecht triptych distance between two points scott albrecht

Albrecht’s work in general incorporates elements of woodworking, hand-drawn typography, geometric collage, using vintage printed ephemera and found objects.


Typographic words by Pat Simons

JUNGLE, typography by Pat Simmons

HELLO, typography by Pat Simmons

YEAH, typography by Pat Simmons

SICK, typography by Pat Simmons

DONE BELIEVE THE HYPE, typography by Pat Simmons

CONCRETE JUNGLE, typography by Pat Simmons

This is the work of Patrick Simons, a multi disciplinary graphic designer based in Netherlands, with a strong focus towards illustration and handmade typography. Three-dimensional, fluffy and colorful words, floating around like balloons!


How Stranger Things got its retro title sequence

This summer’s Netflix hit “Stranger Things” went old-school for its opening credits. Very interesting to see where they drew their inspiration.



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