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Scenes from classical paintings reimagined

This amazing series called Art History in Contemporary Life by Ukrainian artist Aleksey Kondakov, depicts figures from classical paintings reimagined as part of modern-day life in Kiev.




Hand-drawn splashes of color by CJ Hendry

These amazing splashes of color, are actually hand-drawn! With pencil. Wow! Australian artist CJ Hendry is an Instagram phenomenon, sketching detailed hyper-realistic images. For this colorful series she uses just pencil, but she also used pen and ink for her previous, famous black & white series.

Trump Wave illustration

I just love this Illustration called “Trump Wave”! Created by A. Richard Allen for The Sunday Telegraph Money section, it won the Best Editorial Illustration and is also the overall winner for this year’s V&A Illustration Awards. The illustration, referencing to Hokusai’s iconic painting “Great Wave off Kanazawa”,  addresses the two most pressing political concerns of our time – migration and the Trump presidency.

Paintings of metal objects

“wrapped pineapple” 2016

Gemma Gené, an architect and visual artist from Barcelona, creates these amazingly realistic drawings and paintings of objects wrapped in or made of metal.


Hand-lettering from Lauren Hom

Lauren Hom is a designer, illustrator, and letterer based in Brooklyn, New York. She has developed a unique type style that’s crisp and clean, yet whimsical and handmade, with bright color palettes and playful letterforms. Her work has been an inspiration for my own lettering style.

Typographic maps by Paula Scher

Love these typographically illustrated maps by the celebrated graphic designer Paula Scher. Scher began painting these obsessively detailed, highly personal creations in the early 1990s and were recently published as a book.

Lettering by Vladimir Radibratovic

Great lettering work for the campaign of Wind mobile company by Vladimir Radibratovic. It was used for the cover of a Greek free press magazine.

Street art by WD

New graffiti artwork by WD (aka Wild Drawing). The artist who is actually Balinese and based in Greece, has created another amazing piece in downtown Athens again!

Fuzzy Yellow

Hey Fuzzy Yellow! This is just one of those silly little animations that makes your day!


Anne Bentley’s women

Inspired by International Women’s Day, here are eight women illustrated by the talented Anne Bentley.

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