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New York in red by François Avril

I love this gorgeous screenprint by artist Francois Avril. It is worth clicking on it to see it in a close up. A comic-style New York cityscape in an amazing vibrant red. You can purchase “NY Rouge IV” here.





And these are the rest of his series of paintings and prints from New York.


A wise-man’s head transformed into a planter

That’s what I call brain pickingsA Future Perfect is an Athens-based concept-brand. One of their products, Hacked, is a concrete wise-head transformed in an unexpected manner to produce a multi-functional everyday use object: a planter, a candle holder, a pencil pot all in one. I would love one as a planter!

Scribble jewelry by Iris Saar Isaacs

Scribble jewelry, Iris Saar Isaacs

Scribble jewelry, Iris Saar Isaacs

Scribble jewelry, Iris Saar Isaacs

Scribble jewelry, Iris Saar Isaacs

Scribble jewelry, Iris Saar Isaacs

Scribble jewelry, earrings, Iris Saar Isaacs

Beautiful jewelry inspired by simple scribbles. The Australian artist Iris Saar Isaacs used her own scribbles to create witty and contemporary designs for brooches, earrings and necklaces made with stainless steel, aluminium and rubber.


Twelve Musketeers calendar for 2017

Twelve designers, created different hand printed pages for twelve months and the result is a fine letterpressed desk calendar standing on a hand cut wooden stand. You can order here.

Office Buddy flip chart

Love the flip chart Office Buddy. It comes with ten status updates and you can also custom design your own message. Of course, I work by myself, so it would look a little weird on my desk, but you never know…

A vintage Lego Santa kit

Lego Santa Kit, vintage Lego, Vintage Xmas ornament, Cool toys

Lego Santa Kit, vintage Lego, Vintage Xmas ornament, Cool toys

I love this Lego Santa! This super collectible vintage kit from 1986 was still available on Present and Correct when I posted this.

‘We Built This City’, a souvenir shop in London




If Places Were Faces We-Built-This-City

If Places Were Faces print by Heretic Studio

Art print for London Pride at WBTC shop by Rugman

Art print for London Pride by Rugman

Notebooks by Natalie Lea Owen

Notebooks by Natalie Lea Owen

Tirso the shard

‘The shard’ by Tirso

This is a fine example of the new age of souvenir shops, We Built This City is London’s alternative souvenir shop on popular Carnaby Street. Founder Alice Mayor, though that London is not all red buses, taxis and telephone boxes and that the city could do better concerning the souvenir scene. She imagined a store that would offer a more exciting selection of souvenirs than just kitsch Big Ben fridge magnets or Union Jack mugs.

Her first pop up shop on Carnaby Street showcased work by over 100 artists, illustrators and designers, thus supporting the local creative community. After the overwhelming success of the initial launch, the shop was invited back on the same street, where it has remained permanently. The online shop will be launched soon, meanwhile if you happen to be in London, check it out for great art prints, homeware and accessories.


The book from Daily Overview

Overview book

One of my favorite websites is Daily Overview, a project that brings you new breathtaking satellite images of earth every day. They now announced the release of a book called Overview, with a collection of the best images (overviews), as well as new ones.

Looks like a great idea for a gift !

Colorful Pantone cookies by a graphic designer

Pantone cookies by Holly Fox

Pantone cookies2 by Holly Fox

Watermelon cookies by Holly Fox

She describes herself as a color lover, a sugar baker and a graphic designer. That combination explains Holly Fox‘s amazing colorful cookies. They are all perfectly glazed and detailed, but I especially love the ones that are like Pantone swatches. She also has an Etsy shop, but I don’t think they ship to Europe. At least enjoy the photos.


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A pocket tripod for your smartphone

Pocket Tripod

Pocket Tripod fits in a wallet

I love playing around with my phone’s camera and I always wanted to try a time-lapse video. But for that, you need a tripod and even if you have a tripod, it has to be flexible and small enough to have it with you in your bag, and most importantly to remember to take it in the first place! So, I love this Pocket Tripod idea a lot, because you can always carry with you. Problem solved!

It’s currently on Kickstarter.


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