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Uppercase & Flow magazines

UPPERCASE 29 magazine cover

Flow international cover

My latest obsessions are Uppercase and Flow. In the beginning of the year I decided to make a gift to myself and finally subscribe to these two magazines.

  • Uppercase is an independent quarterly magazine from Canada, founded by publisher, editor and designer Janine Vangool. Designed with great attention to detail, it covers almost all creative fields. Every issue has a different theme on either design, crafts, illustration or printing and has very little advertising since it is supported by subscriptions around the world. So much fresh talent and creativity to discover! Check out the current issue here. You can also find real gems in the past issues.
  • Flow on the other hand, comes from a big publishing group in the Netherlands (there is an English edition too) but hasn’t lost the personal touch and has a unique independent feel. It is, as the two founders say: “A magazine of unhurried time” “… all about positive psychology, mindfulness, creativity and the beauty of imperfection.”. Flow has a special love for paper: they always have a gift made of paper, they print on different types of paper and they even have a special edition for paper lovers, which is so good I don’t let my kids go near it. All issues have beautiful illustrations and great choice of vintage photography. Check out the current issue here.

Cut It Out – collages by Martin O’Neill

folio society man Martin O'Neill

martin oneill

FINAL ALMA martin oneill

OLD FILTH cover martin oneill

A to Z Martin O'Neill

Berlin Martin O'Neill

book jackets Martin O'NeillHALREQUINN COVERS Martin O'Neill   Prayers Martin O'Neill

I just discovered  Martin O’Neill, a London-based illustrator & artist who creates beautiful collages for publishing, advertising, design & installation work.

In order to create his images he combines collage, silkscreen, photography, paint, and digital techniques. I especially love his type collages, there is so much going on, I wish I had larger photos of his work to be able to see the detail.

More lovely work on his website called appropriately “Cut it out

Paper sculptures

Matthew Shlian enneagon Paper sculptures

Matthew Shlian Ara165 Paper sculptures

sphex Matt Salian Paper sculptures

shinola Matt Salian Paper sculptures

matthew shlian breath castles blue

This is Matt Shlian, a paper engineer and artist who makes extraordinary things with paper. His work is often monochromatic, just letting the light and the shadow play with the shapes. These are just a few pieces from his work. Beautiful.

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