criquet a la grecque, Jimini's, edible insect snacks

criquet a la grecque, Jimini's, edible insect snacks

molitor-origine, Jimini's, edible insect snacks

Jimini's, edible insect snacks

I could talk about the design of the packaging for these snacks, but this time I will focus more on the actual snack and not the packaging (which is not bad either)!

These are Jimini’s edible insect snacks! Insects like grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms! The above packaging is actually for grasshoppers flavored with Greek spices (a la Grecque)!!! All of Jimini’s insects are manufactured at specialised farms in the Netherlands and then flavoured in France.

Apparently there is a market for these, because they have made an effort to create an attractive packaging… There was even a Kickstarter event for Jimini’s energy bars made with cricket flour. Maybe you would like to consider them if you have kids?