Gif animation by Jay_Keeree

A  selection of links from the wonderful world of the internet:

  • No, this is not the next Matt Damon movie. It’s actually a video from Elon Musk’s plan to colonize Mars, as soon as 2022! (via)
  • The Tumble vase is a minimalist vase that is cut-out in a way that it is able to sit on the edge of a table or shelf. Check it out!
  • Look at this amazing illustrated menu by Steve Simpson.
  • You could play with these blank windows endlessly… (via)
  • Love And Self-Love: One of the oddest things we need in order to love is a vital ingredient known as self-love. Another great animated short by the The School of Life.
  • Conbox is a great looking electric fan, that can be taken apart, when not in use and stored in its bottom part. (via)
  • What would a shipping company’s fashion label look like? It would probably look like Serapis.
  • A lettering design for a magazine’s 5 year anniversary

Have a relaxing weekend!