Hand painted found items by Dirty Bandits

Dirty bandits baggage

Dirty bandits suck

Dirty bandits garbage

Dirty bandits aim

Dirty bandits table

Love this series by Annica Lydenberg (aka Dirty Bandits). It is called I‘m a Piece of Garbage and it is made up of items taken from the trash and painted with self deprecating but humorous phrases.


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  1. Linda Lagunas Atwood

    Deae Annica.
    It appears I found your table on the sidewalk! I bring nothing to the table. Not sure if it was unloaded by someone who doesn’t place any value on things or stolen. Anywho I schlepped it 5 blocks with a kid. It’s in safe hands and we love it but just thought I’d check in, in case it was taken by a thief with less physical stamina than I. 😉

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