Gif animation from Patakk

A selection of links from the wonderful world of the internet:

  • This quote is good as a constant reminder, not to wait to be ready.
  • The mesmerising graphic design of mid-century typewriter manufacturer Olivetti.
  • Rainy Mood is an app that streams the sound of rain or stormy weather, producing a soothing white noise that helps you relax and concentrate. There is also a free web version. (via)
  • I am interested in watching this cold-war series called The Americans.
  • This photographer reveals how he got the ‘truth’ out of Vladimir Putin, during the photo shoot for Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”.
  • My daughter currently has an obsession for these coloring books.
  • An intriguing theme for a video: What is “Bullshit and why there is so much of it around us.
  • Love some of these prints done by a surf-lover illustrator.
  • The “Decalogue in eleven steps“. A creative manifesto by Beetroot, one of the best design agencies in Greece.

Have a lovely weekend!