“Memories of Paintings” from Thomas Blanchard, is an experimental dreamlike video. The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil, milk and soap liquid.

A few links for Friday, Saturday and also Sunday:

  • I just love the fifties retro-style work of Satoshi Hashimoto, one of the main illustrators for Monocle magazine.
  • An apartment with a slide. Yes, childhood fantasies can come true.
  • You can find many Design Facts you did not know, in this platform for sharing interesting facts about the history of design, all in bite-sized servings.
  • Japan in 4 minutes. A video collection of moments and memories of a 3-week railway journey through the country.
  • Instant logo search:  Search and download among thousands of well-known logos. Useful when you are looking of that company logo. (via)
  • The Ellum Solar is a smart light, embedded with sensors, that illuminates the dark when motion is detected. It’s attached magnetically and charged by a solar panel. So simple. (via)
  • Marble and resin tables that look like marine environments with secluded beaches. They remind me of rocky coastlines in Greece.
  • Architect Dame Zaha Hadid died yesterday. A great talent and a badass lady.

Have a lovely weekend!