Les lumières de la ville / gif by “Un gif dans ta gueule…”

A few links:

  • Rachel Berger created Icon Diary, a beautiful collection of daily memories recorded in writing and in simple gif animated illustrations!

  • Great use of lettering for this laser cut artwork.

  • Mail to Self: An iOS app that does exactly what the name suggests: it adds a ‘mail to self’ option, so that you can quickly email yourself anything you want from your phone – in almost any app.
  • Letter Collections is a personal project by Berlin-based letterer and designer Martina Flor: A collection of 100 lettering postcards designed, written and sent to people that Flor wants to get in touch with around the world.

  • For the past few days I have been listening to Noon Pacific, a great weekly playlist of 10 songs handpicked from the best music blogs. There is an app for iOS Android or you can get it delivered to your inbox every Monday.
  • Plug is not a plug. If placed on the floor, it acts as an umbrella stand, otherwise, it can function as a candle holder. Smart and minimal.

  •  An art print with a huge number 2. If “two” is your thing at the moment.

Have a good weekend!