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Poster for Syros International Film Festival

A beautiful screen-printed poster designed by Kostantia Manthou for Syros International Film Festival 2016, printed with love by Tind.

As commented by Bryony Gomez-Palacio, the editor of For Print Only: “Crumpled paper recreated on paper never looked as good as it does in this halftone, split fountain achievement.” 

Colorful business cards

colorful business cards, screen-printed cards, travel consultants

Khatulistiwa colorful business cards, colorful cards, screen-printed cards

Khatulistiwa colorful business cards, colorful cards, screen-printed cards

Khatulistiwa colorful business cards, screen-printed cards, colorful cards, miniatures

Love these exotically colorful screen-printed cards for “Khatulistiwa”, a travel consultancy business in Bali. They are designed by Jakarta-based agency The 1984. The name card is screen-printed in several alternating colors on very thick 500gsm paper. The edge coloring gives a great finishing touch.

A selection for the Chinese New Year

On Saturday January 28 it is the Chinese New Year and this year it is the Year of the Rooster. These are just some nice illustrations for greeting cards by Japanese designers.

On a more artistic level, Japanese artist Feebee has created an imaginary beast, a fantastical combination of all 12 zodiac animals. The beast features parts from a  rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig all in one. It was inspired by the piece “A Beast called Kotobuki” that was created as a woodblock print by an ukiyo-e artist from the late Edo period (1848–54).


Abstract: The Art of Design documentary

This new Netflix documentary series called Abstract: The Art of Design looks really interesting! Designer Paula Scher, illustrator Christoph Niemann, photographer Platon, interior designer Ilse Crawford are just some of the creative people featured.

Women’s March on Instagram

By Lisa Congdon

By Kyle Letendre


By Christoph Niemann

By Oliver Jeffers

By Zoe Ingram

By Adam J. Kurtz

By Deva Pardue of “All womankind”

By Erik Marinovitch

These are all from my Instagram feed. I felt the need to document all the inspiring things people created and posted for this past weekend’s Women’s March in major US cities. I wish I was there to participate, and I am happy to hear that many of our friends and relatives did so. As a mom of three girls I think it is more important than ever “to show up and speak up” for women’s rights and equality for all, because unfortunately whatever happens in Trump-land affects us all.

Twelve Musketeers calendar for 2017

Twelve designers, created different hand printed pages for twelve months and the result is a fine letterpressed desk calendar standing on a hand cut wooden stand. You can order here.

Logo for a tattoo studio

butterfat tattoo studio logo, tattoo shop logo, floral logo, tattoo studio identity, lettering with flowers, flower letters,


Nice floral logo and applications for a Chicago tattoo studio by designer, lettering artist & illustrator Kyle Letendre. The studio is strong on nature-focused work, hence the flowers.

Remember those great Volkswagen ads?

A delightful and insightful short documentary about the groundbreaking advertising campaign DDB created for Volkswagen, universally acknowledged to be the greatest and most influential of all time. At the time simplicity was the key, but this is why these ads are still so modern!

This is a film by British filmmaker Joe Marcantonio. His father Alfredo was the advertising manager of VW in the seventies and in 1982, he co-authored the book with the same title.


The retro lettering style of Jeff Rogers

Mess is more jeff rogers

Mess is more: Illustration commissioned by Uppercase magazine


nye jeff rogers

NYC in lights: Originally created for a design exhibition in Texas


hot list opener jeff rogers

Hot List: Illustration created for Conde Nast


spotco 3d jeff rogers

Spotco: Three-dimensional parts of a piece of lettering art for a company entrance


ACU Today jeff rogers

ACU Today: Lettering for editorial design


Work/Life: Cover illustration for a book jeff rogers

Work/Life: Cover illustration for a book


6 words story jeff rogers

Lettering for a “story with 6 words”


shoes jeff rogers

Shoes: Painting inspired by vintage dimensional type specimens

letter-b jeff rogers

Letter B – inspired by vintage dimensional type specimens



Enjoy Life: illustration created for a custom company book

diet coke print jeff rogers

Retweets of love: Promotional design for Diet Coke

diet coke jeff rogers

Retweets of love: Promotional design for Diet Coke



Wells Fargo Mobile Banking: A series of animations for social media.


Wells Fargo Mobile Banking: A series of animations for social media.


Wells Fargo Mobile Banking: A series of animations for social media.


Wells Fargo Mobile Banking: A series of animations for social media.

tomorrow Wells Fargo by Jeff Rogers

Wells Fargo Mobile Banking: A series of animations for social media.

Just discovered Jeff Rogers, a New York City-based designer and letterer. He has a very distinct style of lettering which I love! He uses a combination of hand-drawn and digital techniques depending on the project, while having a very broad range of styles in his work.

He usually begins with pencil sketches and then, often, moves on to the computer to make vector outlines and add texture and color. In other cases he draws or paints by hand, creating a beautiful retro style reminiscent of vintage painted signage. He also plays around with sculpted letterforms by creating three-dimensional handmade letters.

Also, really amazing work with the GIF animations!

Kazoo magazine for strong and smart girls

cover kazoo

Now, this is something that combines my search for new and interesting ways to empower our young daughters to feel more confident of themselves, and also my love for design and lettering.

Kazoo is “a magazine for girls that inspires them to be strong, smart, fierce and, above all, true to themselves” as the creators say. In a time that TV and tablets are taking over the free time of young kids, it’s really encouraging to hear that a cool new magazine for girls aged 5-10 years is out. The founder, Erin Bried (a former magazine editor), thought of the concept out of the need to find a cool magazine for her daughter, that doesn’t only tell girls how to look or act. Bried launched Kazoo after a very successful Kickstarter campaign and the first issue was just printed this summer and is already sold out! All of their stories are either developed or inspired by top female artists, explorers, scientists, chefs, athletes, activists and writers. How inspiring is that for little girls?

Design wise for the first issue, Bried has used a selection of the best illustrators and letterers around. Mary Kate McDevitt has done all the lettering on the cover and some very nice lettering illustrations for inside. Illustrator and designer Libby Vander Ploeg has also created some beautifully illustrated maps. I can’t wait to look inside! I am thinking of subscribing for my daughters, but I will end up keeping the magazine for myself! Unfortunately the shipping costs from the US are too high, hopefully I will find a way!

(via) Thank you Tania!

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