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Japanese style embroidered notebooks







I was very happy to find out that the designer of these fabulous notebooks is based in  Athens. Fabulous Cat Papers is an Etsy shop that offers a wide range of beautiful handmade notebooks with embroidered Japanese paper covers featuring floral and geometric designs and quirky vintage medical illustrations.

(via This is Colossal)

Vintage email

Vintage Email stamp Vintage Email stamp2 Vintage Email stamp 3

I love the vintage feel about this wood mounted rubber stamp. Just imagine receiving a letter with it.

Graduation card

Graduation card Emily Mcdowell

It’s that time of the year and I know some people have already finished their final exams and will be waiting for their results to come out soon. This card is dedicated to them! Graduation card by designer Emily McDowell.

Big ideas notebook

Mary Kate McDevitt Big Ideas notebook   Mary Kate McDevitt Big Ideas notebook page

You know when you have a great idea and you don’t have anywhere to write it down? Well, this is a notebook for BIG ideas! The pages inside have different themes, illustrated by the lettering artist Mary Kate McDevitt. I would definitely keep one in my handbag at all times.

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