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We should share meals with others more often! Love this ad from President’s Choice, a Canadian food brand.


Ten principles for good design

An all-time classic: The ten principles of good design by Dieter Rams, the legendary German industrial designer, famous for designing Braun’s most iconic products.


Women’s March on Instagram

By Lisa Congdon

By Kyle Letendre


By Christoph Niemann

By Oliver Jeffers

By Zoe Ingram

By Adam J. Kurtz

By Deva Pardue of “All womankind”

By Erik Marinovitch

These are all from my Instagram feed. I felt the need to document all the inspiring things people created and posted for this past weekend’s Women’s March in major US cities. I wish I was there to participate, and I am happy to hear that many of our friends and relatives did so. As a mom of three girls I think it is more important than ever “to show up and speak up” for women’s rights and equality for all, because unfortunately whatever happens in Trump-land affects us all.

A new kind of store

Can you imagine this? Amazon has introduced a new kind of store, with no lines and no checkout. You just grab your items and go, and your groceries will be charged automatically! For now, only Amazon employees can shop in the new Seattle store, but they plan to open the store to the public early next year. Read more about it here!


American elections through creative eyes

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Contributions for the American elections taken from creative people in my Instagram feed.

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Posters that will make you want to go vote

The US presidential election: the creative response to Clinton vs Trump

Momondo – The DNA journey

Momondo is a global travel search site. And they came up with this idea for an ad: They supposedly asked 67 people from all over the world to take a DNA test, and it turns out they have much more in common with other nationalities than they would ever have thought.

Although I suspect this film is using actors, nonetheless I think the message is so strong that it works. Brilliant!

thanks George!

Look Beyond Borders, a four-minute experiment

Psychologist Arthur Aron discovered that 4 minutes of looking into each other’s eyes can bring people closer. Using this discovery, Amnesty International decided to carry out a simple experiment, during which refugees and Europeans sat opposite each other and looked into each other’s eyes. The experiment was conducted in Berlin and the participants were ordinary people. Everything you see is real reactions and emotions. Beautiful.


Brendan Harvey’s Goodnewsletter

Branden Harvey's Goodnewsletter

Branden Harvey has made the idea of seeking the good in the world his mission. He started a project where each week he shares five of the most hopeful news stories he has come across from around the world in the form of a newsletter, he calls, the Goodnewsletter. The reaction of people has been incredible.  Hundreds of people sent in articles, videos, and stories of hopeful things, happening in the world. I have also subscribed to the newsletter. In a world of bad news and negativity all around, there was obviously a need for a hopeful voice to share only good news. As Harvey says: “There’s no shortage of good news in the world. You just have to know where to look.” Love the idea!


How to live a happy, healthy, long life

This great article by Eric Barker is trying very hard to convince us that relationships are good for our health and that strong social connections and being surrounded by people who care, can improve our overall well-being and can add as much as 15 years to our life. Well, the article has convinced me at least.

So, here is the sum up:

“Relationships = health: Three times as powerful as exercise

Online relationships don’t count: Don’t substitute Facebook for face-to-face. Use tech to arrange relationships, not replace them.

Be part of a community: Be a Sardinian and be engaged with groups of like-minded people who care.

Work relationships matter: Take breaks with your friends and give’em a hug.”

Read the whole article here.

How to help every child fulfil their potential

“Praise your child explicitly for how capable they are of learning rather than telling them how smart they are.”

I am trying to remind myself to do this with my kids. I found this video really helpful and enlightening.

Dr. Carol Dweck, a researcher in motivation, personality and development, is one of the few talking about how to instill a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. Her talk on this was recently turned into another beautifully animated RSA Short video.

Carol Dweck is also mentioned in a very interesting book I am reading at the moment: NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children. Lastlyrelevant article I happened to stumble upon recently, also mentioned Dweck and her work.

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