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Here We Are – the new book from Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is one of my favorite illustrators! His new book “Here We Are, Notes for Living on Planet Earth” is a witty, tender introduction to the world for his newborn son.


‘Here We Are’ Art Poster

‘The Animals’ Art Poster

I would gladly hang an Oliver Jeffers print on my wall! These posters include art and text from his new book.





A new book from House Industries

Known for its eclectic font collections, House Industries has been around the design world for more than 25 years. Apart from the beautiful mid-century style fonts, they have also designed everything from books, home decor, toys, stationery, t-shirts and apparel for women and men. They are now releasing a new book titled The Process is the Inspiration on May 30.

In their words: “With topics ranging from fonts and fashion to ceramics and space technology, this beautifully-useful volume offers a personal perspective on the origin of ideas for creative people in any field. Presented in the honest, authentic, and often irreverent style that you’ve come to expect from House Industries, The Process is the Inspiration is a collection of helpful lessons, stories and case studies that demonstrate how you can transform obsessive curiosity into personally satisfying and successful work … Most importantly, this book shows that there’s no sense in waiting for inspiration because inspiration is already waiting for you.”


Traveling back in time with “Dear Photograph”


dear photograph

Dear Photograph, letting go of my mother’s hand on the first day of school was always the hardest.Liz

dear photograph

Dear Photograph, I thought Dad never took a picture of me, ever. Then I noticed his reflection in the glass.Gregg

dear photograph

Dear Photograph, remember when you had to come home when the streetlight came on? Where are the good old days when the neighborhood was full of kids outside playing tag, hide-and-seek, and Wiffle ball?Those were the kick-the-can fun times!Linda

dear photograph

Dear Photograph, at the time it was not common for a man to walk behind a pram. I’m so proud of my father.Eva

dear photograph

Dear Photograph, why did we watch TV so close’ – Simon

Dear Photograph started off as a small nostalgic blog created by Taylor Jones. Very soon it went viral.

The idea is simple: hold a picture from the past in the place where it was photographed and take a picture of the picture. Add a caption to explain the meaning it has for you and you may be part of a collection of thousands of other moments traveling back in time. So many actually, that the creator decided to turn them also into a book. Digital nostalgia of the highest order!

Food Faces, a fun art/cook book

FOOD FACES Day Dreamers Limited banner Foodfaces Day Dreamers Limited

FOOD FACES: evil doctor pretzelnose spread Day Dreamers Limited

FOOD FACES Howling wolf man spread Day Dreamers Limited

This is a new art/cook book with funny food faces by Day Dreamers Limited. The Howling Wolfman Pancakeface is sooo good! Funny Faces and funny names!

They also have a coloring book and a placemat on their shop.


The book from Daily Overview

Overview book

One of my favorite websites is Daily Overview, a project that brings you new breathtaking satellite images of earth every day. They now announced the release of a book called Overview, with a collection of the best images (overviews), as well as new ones.

Looks like a great idea for a gift !

Exquisite F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book covers

F. Scott Fitzgerald spines by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Flappers F. Scott Fitzgerald by Coralie Bickford-SmithDamned F. Scott Fitzgerald by Coralie Bickford-Smith

Tycoon F. Scott Fitzgerald by Coralie Bickford-SmithGreat Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald by Coralie Bickford-SmithTender F. Scott Fitzgerald by Coralie Bickford-SmithParadise F. Scott Fitzgerald by Coralie Bickford-Smith

I discovered the enchanting work of book designer Coralie Pickford-Smith recently.

The above selection is the exquisite series for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book covers for Penguin Classics, one of the many beautiful series she created, drawing inspiration from the Art Deco period, combined with metallic foil printing on matt paper.

Culture caps

RebeccaMah CultureCaps 1RebeccaMah CultureCaps 2

Rebecca Mah CultureCaps 4

Rebecca Mah Culture Caps 5

Rebecca Mah Culture Caps 8

Rebecca Mah Culture Caps 9

Rebecca Mah Culture Caps 15

Rebecca Mah Culture Caps 14

For her senior thesis, graduate Rebecca Mah created Culture Caps, a drop-cap alphabet inspired from different cultures and countries. Each letter incorporates design aesthetics from different parts of the world with great detail and beautiful execution. An excellent breakthrough project for a young designer.

The project also includes a book, a poster, and a website, which unfortunately is under construction at the moment.


ABC 3D pop-up book

I am in love with a pop-up book!

ABC 3D is created by French graphic designer Marion Bataille, also author of 10, Numero and Livre de Lettres. Actually, I just love all her books: the colors, the clever pop-ups that make one letter dissolve into another… Brilliant!

Also another fun version of the above video, but with a special ABC3D song (created by the band “Not Waving But Drowning”) inspired by the book.

Things organized neatly in a book

 Things Organized Neatly, book by Austin Radcliffe

WATERMELON / Things Organized Neatly, book by Austin Radcliffe

LOCKS / Things Organized Neatly, book by Austin Radcliffe

TOYS/ Things Organized Neatly, book by Austin Radcliffe

FRUITS / Things Organized Neatly, book by Austin Radcliffe

CARS / Things Organized Neatly, book by Austin Radcliffe

A new book is out from Austin Radcliffe who created the awarded website Things Organized Neatly.

The site is a collection of objects compulsively organized: “From toy collections, to artworks and editorial photography, the site collects thousands of images of neatly arranged things that have a near Zen-like impact on your brain as you scroll through the site.”  

Although verging on OCD, I happen to love this particular concept and this is another similar book I enjoyed last year.


Space alphabet

spaceaz1_1024x1024 spaceaz2_1024x1024


Space Alphabet, is a lovely book with even lovelier illustrations, first published in 1966. Written by Irene Zacks and created for her children, who wished to be astronauts. It was sold out over at Present & Correct for the time being, but you can also see the whole book online here.

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