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Poster for Syros International Film Festival

A beautiful screen-printed poster designed by Kostantia Manthou for Syros International Film Festival 2016, printed with love by Tind.

As commented by Bryony Gomez-Palacio, the editor of For Print Only: “Crumpled paper recreated on paper never looked as good as it does in this halftone, split fountain achievement.” 

Don’t work with assholes poster

Don't work with assholes poster, witty poster, important reminder, typography

A good thing to be reminded! This is a witty poster from Hamburg-based designer Donnie O’Sullivan.


New York in red by François Avril

I love this gorgeous screenprint by artist Francois Avril. It is worth clicking on it to see it in a close up. A comic-style New York cityscape in an amazing vibrant red. You can purchase “NY Rouge IV” here.





And these are the rest of his series of paintings and prints from New York.


The curious art of Travis Louie

Uncle Arthur / the curious art of travis louie

Uncle Arthur

The conversation of beards / the curious art of travis louie

The conversation of beards

the-curious-art-of-travis-louie-badhairandbuzzers the-curious-art-of-travis-louie-dorothyandherdamselfly150


the-curious-art-of-travis-louie-squeaky150dpi   the-curious-art-of-travis-louie-unclehershelenjoysaneggcream150dpi

the-curious-art-of-travis-louie-toadboss150dpi-1    the-curious-art-of-travis-louie-rhinochops150

Oscar and the giant tarsier / the curious art of travis louie

Oscar and the giant tarsier

Oscar and his cane toad / the curious art of travis louie

Oscar and his cane toad

the-curious-art-of-travis-louie-youngbillatspringtime150   the-curious-art-of-travis-louie-unclevictor150

How amazing is the fantastic world of Travis Louie, an American artist from New York! Inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian age, the artist’s characters – humans, animals, weird beasts and otherworldly creatures – are depicted like having their formal portraits taken, but in unusual circumstances.

The artist says about his work: “I think the human race is full of misunderstandings based on people holding too close to their own cultures and being unable to embrace the idea that people can believe in other things and still get along in a reasonable sort of way.”  He adds that he created these characters as a sort of “veiled commentary on racism and the immigrant experience”.

Flowerhead art prints by Nate Duval

flowerhead Frederick Phlox, art print by Nate Duval

flowerchick Flora, art print by Nate Duval

I really like these two! Meet Frederick Phlox and Flora, two art prints by Nate Duval, one of the best rock poster designers and also one of my favorite illustrators. I can imagine them side by side in classic gold frames

‘We Built This City’, a souvenir shop in London




If Places Were Faces We-Built-This-City

If Places Were Faces print by Heretic Studio

Art print for London Pride at WBTC shop by Rugman

Art print for London Pride by Rugman

Notebooks by Natalie Lea Owen

Notebooks by Natalie Lea Owen

Tirso the shard

‘The shard’ by Tirso

This is a fine example of the new age of souvenir shops, We Built This City is London’s alternative souvenir shop on popular Carnaby Street. Founder Alice Mayor, though that London is not all red buses, taxis and telephone boxes and that the city could do better concerning the souvenir scene. She imagined a store that would offer a more exciting selection of souvenirs than just kitsch Big Ben fridge magnets or Union Jack mugs.

Her first pop up shop on Carnaby Street showcased work by over 100 artists, illustrators and designers, thus supporting the local creative community. After the overwhelming success of the initial launch, the shop was invited back on the same street, where it has remained permanently. The online shop will be launched soon, meanwhile if you happen to be in London, check it out for great art prints, homeware and accessories.


Spring Blossoms art print

Spring Blossoms art print, Lisa Congdon

Because it’s that time of the year, this is Spring Blossoms: a great colorful art print by Lisa Congdon.

Collages of cities

AnastasiaSavinova art-Genius Loci Berlin


AnastasiaSavinova art-Genius Loci Copenhagen


AnastasiaSavinova art-Genius Loci Paris


AnastasiaSavinova art-Genius Loci Fårö


AnastasiaSavinova art-Genius Loci Norrland


Visual artist Anastasia Savinova creates intricate collages of photographs from her travels to display each city’s own distinct atmosphere. Impressive.


Space tourism posters for NASA

nasa grand tour print

nasa Mars print

nasa enceladus print

How often can you get a commissioned project by NASA?

These beautiful retro-style posters were designed by Invisible Creature, two award-winning brothers from Seattle. They were commissioned by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to design a set of “travel posters”, that would be part of a 2016 calendar, and was given as a gift to JPL and NASA staff, as well as engineers, government and university staff.

The designers were not just lucky. Their grandfather was an illustrator and graphic designer at NASA for over 30 years, so this project was obviously a special one.

Some of the limited-edition prints from the designers are sold out, but the designs are available here to download for free. I already downloaded mine!


Travel posters

Lauren Hom 26letters 26000miles Lauren Hom 26letters 26000miles Lauren Hom 26letters 26000miles

A few days ago, illustrator and letterer Lauren Hom decided to sell all her belongings, leave her Brooklyn house and travel for a whole year, planning to visit more than 20 countries. So in order to fund part of her trip, she designed this lovely series of travel-inspired, hand-lettered posters. You can tell I have a soft spot for lettering and travel, right?

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