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Mona Lisa selfie

“This woman has been in more selfies than anyone else in the world, and she’s still smiling! Assembled from hundreds of images collected from Instagram, “Mona Lisa Selfie” is a clever reflection on what a personal picture of a hyper-famous work of art means in the digital era.”

A short video directed by Daniel McKee.


Stills from Blade Runner 2049

These are stills from the film Blade Runner 2049, directed by Denis VilleneuveI really loved the noir atmosphere and the amazing art direction that stay true to the original Blade Runner from 1982. The excellent cinematography is by Roger Deakins. Villeneuve’s film has some really epic scenes that take place in the dystopian world of a futuristic Los Angeles. The film’s score is composed by Hans Zimmer, which also follows on the tracks of the original awarded soundtrack by Vangelis.





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