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The new music video from OK Go

OK Go are back with an amazing new video, where they play with paper and printers!!  See my older post about OK Go here.

New music video by OK Go

In case of a problem, you can also watch the video here!



Another amazing video this time for the song “The One Moment” by OK Go!  You can see the making of the video here. Damian Kulash is both the singer and director!

Every time they come out with a different crazy idea! Previously they have done some unbelievable music videos, but this is my favorite.

It’s gonna be OK


I would wear this pin today…

Designed by Adam J. Kurtz.

Graphic Artworks from Tokyo


Graphic artworks in blue and red by Japanese designer Haruka Aramaki.


Glorious chickens in a photography book

I was never a chicken fan, but I am impressed by these photo portraits from the book by Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini. The photo book project called “CHICken” was funded on Kickstarter.

As the creators say” The chickens in this book are the protagonists and are photographed as Top models because they had natural born talent.”


Illustrations with a retro look

Cristiana Couceiro is an illustrator and designer, living in Lisbon, Portugal. I love her retro style that mixes collage using newspaper, mainly vintage photos and pieces of paper, together with strong colors and clean layout. Her work has been published by The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post and Vanity Fair.



Wearable art by Nora Fok

Not sure if this is jewelry or wearable art, but they look stunning. UK-based Nora Fok uses modern materials like nylon, combined with knitting and weaving to create very delicate and fragile-looking pieces.




This year’s best book covers from ABCD

The winning cover for the CRIME/THRILLER category: “Dark Pines” by Will Dean, Designer: Mark Swan

The Academy of Book Cover Design, aka “ABCD”,  announced its covers of the year, and the following are the winners  for each category.

The winning cover for the YOUNG ADULT category: “Surrender” by Sonya Hartnett, Designer: Jack Noel, Illustrator: Jeffrey Alan Love

The winning cover for the SCI-FI/FANTASY category: “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood, Designer: Suzanne Deane, Illustrator: Noma Bar

The winning covers for the SERIES DESIGN category: “Pan 70th Series”, Designer: Justine Anweiler & Stuart Wilson


The winning cover for the CLASSICS/REISSUE category: “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, Designer: David Pearson

The winning cover for the CHILDREN’S 0-5 category: “Jill & Lion” by Lesley Barnes, Designer: Lesley Barnes

The winning cover for the LITERARY FICTION category: “The Blot” by Jonathan Lethem, Designer: Jon Gray, Art Director: Suzanne Dean

The winning cover for the CHILDREN’S 6-12 category: “Think and Make Like an Artist” by Claudia Bolt & Eleanor Meredith, Designer: Shaz Mandani, Illustrator: Jay Wright, Ola Niepsuj & Laura Bird

The winning cover for the MASS MARKET category: “The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao” by Martha Batalha, Designer: Sinem Erkas

Worth seeing the shortlisted work in each category on the ABCD site.

A children’s book by Jessica Hische

Written and designed by Jessica Hische, this looks like a great kids book with gorgeous lettering. “It’s an uplifting bedtime book about aspiring to do great things tomorrow, reflecting on what you’ve done today, and forgiving yourself for what you haven’t been able to do.”  The book will be out on October 2018.



A book about the story of Letraset

Anyone remember those Letraset font sheets? I have still kept some as a reminder of another era…

This is the book “Letraset: The DIY Typography Revolution”, the first comprehensive history of the rubdown lettering system that revolutionised typographic expression.




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