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Color coded arrangements

Emily Blincoe creates satisfying color-coded arrangements of objects like fruits, pebbles, stamps and candy. This is a portion of her grandmother’s stamp collection. Check out other interesting colorful arrangements here.


Perfectly photographed Art Deco staircases

A beautiful series of staircases from Art Deco and Bauhaus buildings, impeccably captured by Hungarian photographer Balint Alovits.


Street photography by Matt Stuart

Great street photography by Matt Stuart, a British photographer, who uses a film camera and never leaves the house without it. Stuart spends a great deal of time walking the streets trying to capture moments and relies a lot on coincidence. His best pictures include unpredictable moments from the streets of London.


Colorful photography by Annelie Vandendael

Love the style of Annelie Vandendael, a Belgian-born photographer. She uses very interesting and playful imagery in her pictures like fish, ice-cream and animals. Using a Hasselblad analog camera, she likes to show the realistic nature of her subjects.

She says: “Nowadays it is no longer obvious to see real images because they are all manipulated and photoshopped. Representing real people with their imperfections is far more interesting for me! I depict the human being rather as a piece of nature than as an object. It is a reaction against examples of fashion photography in which the personality of the individual is irrelevant. Therefore I aim to let the authenticity of the body speak for itself. A manipulated body gives us a wrong perception of reality anyway.”


Images for Japan

Despina Zaimis, Images from Japan, commemoration of Japan earthquake, simplicity, beauty, harmony and colors

Despina Zaimis, Images from Japan, commemoration of Japan earthquake, simplicity, beauty, harmony and colors

Despina Zaimis, Images from Japan, commemoration of Japan earthquake, simplicity, beauty, harmony and colors

Despina Zaimis, Images from Japan, light, commemoration of Japan earthquake, simplicity, beauty, harmony and colors

I was meaning to post this for more than a week! These are photos by my very good and talented friend Despina Zaimis. They are part of a series of images inspired by Japan, that she created in memory of last week’s anniversary of the massive earthquake that hit the country in 2011. Despina was living in Tokyo at the time of the earthquake and the whole experience has marked her forever. This is her beautiful way of commemorating Japan.

Check out her other beautiful photographs here. They will be soon available to order on her e-shop.

Waves in a vertical angle

This amazing surreal image called “Waves” is by Quentin Deronzier, a French visual artist & art director based in Amsterdam. Love the concept of vertical angle waves!


Stylized photographs with color and texture

Photographs for Herman Miller

Photographs for Herman Miller

Photographs for Gray Matters

Photographs for Iacoli & McAllister

Photographs for the Frye Art Museum Store

Rock Studies

This is the world of photographer and director Charlie Schuck. He creates dreamy, fictionalized setups with careful color composition and texture combinations, that compliment each other perfectly. His long list of clients include well-known brands from the world of  fashion, technology, banking and also many magazine publications.


The photographs of Martin Parr







One of my favorites, the legendary British documentary photographer Martin Parr has been announced to be the next recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Photography title, given by the The World Photography Organisation.

Symmetrical photographs of buildings for Geometry Club

Dave Mullen is the creator of the Geometry Club, an Instagram project with an entire feed of images with the same composition and subject matter. Mullen first launched the project just for himself taking his own photos of symmetrical, triangular compositions, but soon he exhausted his collection and decided making it a collaborative project. So, he put together a website, drew up some guidelines to ensure consistency (see the GIF above) and invited others to submit their own symmetrical images. He is now working with a developer to create a free app, that will help people take perfectly aligned pictures.


Abstract: The Art of Design documentary

This new Netflix documentary series called Abstract: The Art of Design looks really interesting! Designer Paula Scher, illustrator Christoph Niemann, photographer Platon, interior designer Ilse Crawford are just some of the creative people featured.

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