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Packaging for Bonnie & Clyde limited edition gin

This gin packaging is so cool. Designed by Simone Hodgskiss (aka Pearly Yon), an Australian illustrator, designer and letterer for a  micro distillery in Belgium. Hodgskiss’ illustrations are inspired by tattoo style line work, and the color selections as well as the print finish are simply amazing.

And this is the first batch of Bonnie & Clyde, where all the beautiful type has been created from scratch by Pearly Yon, finding inspiration from the 1930’s era.








New packaging for a series of flour

This is the great result of an extensive rebranding and new packaging for “Mills of Saint George”, a traditional series of flour products. I love the concept behind the design! Mousegraphics, the awarded Greek design studio, created the new packaging. They actually baked a series of dough shapes using the flour product, with the help of sculptor Martha Foka. Then they photographed the dough-shaped images layered on different colored backgrounds.





Kourellas Dairy packaging

G Design Studio designed the branding, packaging, and typography for Kourellas Dairy, a small organic dairy farm with a line of Greek yogurts and cheeses. I love the handwritten typography! They have actually used an existing hand-painted script font, that was exclusively customized for Greek characters by Backpacker.

Ploes wine label by Beetroot

wine packaging design, beetroot design, wine label

A really exquisite label design for a series of wine called Ploes. This is the award-winning work of Beetroot design group for Amalagos Wineries in Greece. Very minimal, with stark colors… Reminds me of Hokusai’s “Great Wave“.

Jimini’s edible insect snacks

criquet a la grecque, Jimini's, edible insect snacks

criquet a la grecque, Jimini's, edible insect snacks

molitor-origine, Jimini's, edible insect snacks

Jimini's, edible insect snacks

I could talk about the design of the packaging for these snacks, but this time I will focus more on the actual snack and not the packaging (which is not bad either)!

These are Jimini’s edible insect snacks! Insects like grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms! The above packaging is actually for grasshoppers flavored with Greek spices (a la Grecque)!!! All of Jimini’s insects are manufactured at specialised farms in the Netherlands and then flavoured in France.

Apparently there is a market for these, because they have made an effort to create an attractive packaging… There was even a Kickstarter event for Jimini’s energy bars made with cricket flour. Maybe you would like to consider them if you have kids?

Squeeze & Fresh packaging concept

Squeeze & Fresh by Backbone Branding

I love this “Squeeze & Fresh” packaging design for juice cups by Backbone Branding from Armenia. So simple, but in the same time so clever! The concept is actually available for purchase.

Pasta hair

creative packaging pasta hairstyles nikita 10

creative packaging pasta hairstyles nikita 11creative packaging pasta hairstyles nikita 12

creative packaging pasta hairstyles nikita 13

Brilliant use of the clear plastic cut-out on this pasta packaging concept. Designed by Moscow-based company Nikita, hopefully it will find its way on a real pasta packaging application.

Bzzz Honey

bzzz honey packaging, Backbone Studio

This smart honey packaging was designed by Backbone Studio, a super branding studio from Armenia, that I was very happy to discover.

“The most tasty honey is in the beehive. But it is impossible to buy it in a market –  it was impossible. Designers of Backbone Studio have made it out of wood and hid the can with honey into the improvised beehive.  The simple but simultaneously original wooden wrapper is the message to the nature, ecology and pure taste. You immediately want to open and taste it. And there are no bees!”

Absinthe label & print

Velcrosuit Absinthe art print

I love this retro-style design for a one-off Absinthe label, by Adam Hill @ Velcrosuit, a graphic designer, illustrator and musician based in Cape Town, South Africa. The bottle was sold at a local Tattoo Expo as well as larger prints of the label art.

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Verve juices


I discovered these cold press juices a few days ago. You can find them in shops (only around Athens for the time being) and apparently they deliver locally if you order online. I love the packaging and hopefully the taste is as good as it looks. I would try the Big Apple (ginger, green apple and lemon) from the Beginners detox program.

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