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A brilliant Photoshop eyedropper trick

I don’t know if most people know this already, but I just found out that you can use Photoshop’s eyedropper tool to pick colours outside of Photoshop itself!

“Just click in your photoshop document, hold, and drag the eyedropper outside to whatever pixel you want. 

You have to *start* the color selection within PS, but it can *end* wherever you’re able to move your mouse to.”

As simple as that!


Hakanaï live performance


Oh, this looks amazing, I wish I could experience it! Hakanaï is a project by Claire Bardainne & Adrien Mondot. It is live animations performed inside a digital moving cube, based on physical movement modeling, on an original music score played live. Looks like a combination of dance choreography and performance, something between dream and reality.

Waves in a vertical angle

This amazing surreal image called “Waves” is by Quentin Deronzier, a French visual artist & art director based in Amsterdam. Love the concept of vertical angle waves!


Interactive RRRGGGBBB

rrrgggbbb website, interactive sites, RGB color, interactive, funny website, Red, Green, Blue

“An R, a B, a G, a mouse and some sound. Six million plus unique visitors shared the hell out of this!” A fun experimental website by Amsterdam-based Pregnant Studios, that only takes a minute to waste…


A short film about absurdity

Preposterous is a great little film about absurdity, “random short scenes that do not make any sense” by motion & graphic designer Florent Porta. Love the music!


Title sequence for Camp festival

This is a sci-fi style title sequence, created by Joey Camacho, for CAMP 2016, a creative technology, art and design festival in Canada.


Doodling on iPadPro

This looks amazing! The super talented calligrapher Seb Lester, shows us how he creates a doodle on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. This is actually an app called Amaziograph: it applies symmetry  to everything you draw. Like this doily-looking doodle in the video.


A dad brings his son’s drawings to life







Haha! This dad takes the drawings of his son and recreates them to make them look real. The result is that some are cute, some are very funny and some are quite terrifying! You can see his Instagram account here.


A humorous ad for Verizon with 4D digital effects

Conceptual marketing at its best. This is a humorous ad for Verizon’ new campaign “A Better Network” by advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy with the help of digital artist Albert Omoss. Omoss uses code to create software, and software to create visual art, that is, 4D surreal and psychedelic images and films, either for client projects or self-initiated experiments.

Another notable project by the same artist is the award-winning typographic title sequence for FITC Tokyo 2015.


Brendan Harvey’s Goodnewsletter

Branden Harvey's Goodnewsletter

Branden Harvey has made the idea of seeking the good in the world his mission. He started a project where each week he shares five of the most hopeful news stories he has come across from around the world in the form of a newsletter, he calls, the Goodnewsletter. The reaction of people has been incredible.  Hundreds of people sent in articles, videos, and stories of hopeful things, happening in the world. I have also subscribed to the newsletter. In a world of bad news and negativity all around, there was obviously a need for a hopeful voice to share only good news. As Harvey says: “There’s no shortage of good news in the world. You just have to know where to look.” Love the idea!


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